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  • Cover scan of The Case For The Enlightenment
    The Case For The Enlightenment: Scotland And Naples, 1680-1760
    John Robertson - Hardback - Cambridge University Press
    'The Case for the Enlightenment' is a comparative study of the emergence of Enlightenment in Scotland and in Naples.
  • Cover scan of Colours
    Colours: Ireland - From Bombs To Boom
    Henry McDonald - Paperback - Mainstream
    Born in Belfast during the height of the troubles, Henry McDonald is no stranger to Ulster's violent history. In this book he chronicles the continuing evolution of Ireland and its people, from the beginnings of Irish Republicanism, through to Dublin's reputation as a hedonists mecca today.
  • Cover scan of Curious Edinburgh
    Curious Edinburgh
    Michael Turnbull - Paperback - Sutton
    This text explores the hidden treasures of Scotland's capital city and unlocks the forgotten meaning of landmarks that have become familiar. It tells the reader how to find and understand Edinburgh's nooks and crannies, and includes information on the location of and access to all the sites covered.
  • Cover scan of Castles Of Scotland
    Castles Of Scotland: A Voyage Through The Centuries
    C. J. Tabraham - Hardback - Batsford
    'Castles of Scotland' is a must for all those fascinated by Scotland's culture, history and heritage. Written by a leading authority on Scottish historic monuments, this book features many rare photographs from the collection of Historic Scotland. It is the follow-up to the bestselling book 'Liquid History'.
  • Cover scan of Clan Donald's Greatest Defeat
    Clan Donald's Greatest Defeat
    John Sadler - Paperback - Tempus
    One of the bloodiest battles in Scottish history and a devastating defeat for Clan Donald, the battle of 'Red' Harlaw was fought on 24 July 1411. It is one of the most famous fought on Scottish soil and infamous for the ferocity and duration of the fighting.
  • Cover scan of Culloden, 1746
    Culloden, 1746: Battlefield Guide
    Stuart Reid - Paperback - Pen & Sword Military
    The Battle of Culloden in 1746 is one of the most famous ever fought on British soil. This book looks at how the Duke of Cumberland's government army managed to defeat the Jacobite rebels, shaping the history of Scotland to this very day.
  • Cover scan of Coal Not Dole
    Coal Not Dole: Memories Of The 1984/85 Miners' Strike
    Guthrie Hutton - Paperback - Stenlake
    In 1984, the National Coal Board announced a reduction in coal output that amounted to the loss of twenty pits and 20,000 jobs. The National Union of Mineworkers saw this as an attack on their members and called them out on strike. This is the story of that bitter, year-long dispute.
  • Catalogue Of Aerial Photographs 1994
    Catalogue Of Aerial Photographs 1994
    - Paperback - RCAHMS
    This catalogue provides a summary of the results obtained by The Royal Commission in its nineteenth annual programme of aerial survey. The main task has been to engage in wide-ranging prospective reconnaissance with the long-term purpose of recording the country's archaeological heritage.
  • Creating A Future For The Past
    Creating A Future For The Past: The Scottish Architects' Papers Preservation Project
    Scotland - Paperback - RCAHMS
    From 1999-2004, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Scottish Architects' Papers Preservation Project. This report documents the project from inception to conclusion.
  • Cover scan of The Cradle King
    The Cradle King: A Life Of James VI And I
    Alan Stewart - Paperback - Pimlico
    First published 400 years after the Scottish King James VI took over the English throne from Elizabeth I in March 1603, this is a biography of a fascinating and misunderstood monarch.

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