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  • Cover scan of Edinburgh Housemails Taxation Book, 1634-1636
    Edinburgh Housemails Taxation Book, 1634-1636
    - Hardback - Scottish History Society
    This is a printed edition of an inventory of Edinburgh's properties, offering a fascinating snapshot of the fabric of a seventeenth-century European capital city.
  • Cover scan of Experiencing War As The 'Enemy Other'
    Experiencing War As The 'Enemy Other': Italian Scottish Experience In World War II
    Wendy Ugolini - Paperback - Manchester University Press
    An original and engaging study which examines the impact of World War Two on the Italian community in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Edinburgh On This Day
    Edinburgh On This Day: History, Facts & Figures From Every Day Of The Year
    Ian Colquhoun - Hardback - Pitch
    'Edinburgh on this Day' revisits the most magical and memorable moments from the city's fascinating history, mixing a maelstrom of quirky anecdotes and legendary characters to produce an irresistible diary - with an entry for every day of the year.
  • Cover scan of Edinburgh In The 1950s
    Edinburgh In The 1950s: Ten Years That Changed A City
    Jack Gillon - Paperback - Amberley
    From post-war austerity to the development of consumerism, 'Edinburgh in the 1950s' shows how Scotland's capital embraced this decade of change, while maintaining its traditions.
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    Empire, Union And Reform
    Roger A. Mason - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This volume focuses on a century of seismic change in the political, religious and cultural life of Scotland. It's major theme is the politics of union and multiple monarchy following the creation of a British imperial system in 1603 and the problems of Scottish autonomy and identity to which this gave rise.
  • Cover scan of East Lothian Through Time
    East Lothian Through Time
    Liz Hanson - Paperback - Amberley
    Frequently referred to as 'Edinburgh's playground', the historic county of East Lothian stretches from the eastern edge of the city to the North Sea. Home to some of Scotland's most beautiful coastline and farmland, East Lothian is a magnet for fans of the great outdoors, its rugged countryside offering great opportunities for watersports and hiking. The coastline also boasts twenty-two golf course, including Musselburgh, the world's oldest active golf course. East Lothian's rich heritage is still very evident and author Liz Hanson showcases its unique features and how the county has changed over time.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Edwardian Scotland: Photographing The Birth Of The Modern World
    Jane Thomas - Hardback - RCAHMS
    This volume contains unique and largely unseen period photography of the Edwardian era, drawn from one of Scotland's National Collections.
  • Cover scan of An Enlightened Duke The Life Of Archibald Campbell (1682-1761), Earl Of Ilay, 3rd Duke Of Argyll
    An Enlightened Duke The Life Of Archibald Campbell (1682-1761), Earl Of Ilay, 3rd Duke Of Argyll
    Roger L. Emerson - Paperback - Humming Earth
    Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll and 1st Earl of Ilay, lived a long and very active life as a soldier, lawyer, politician, patron and businessman. History remembers him on the one-hand as courageous, good-natured, learned and accomplished - and, on the other, as 'a man of little truth, little honour, little principle'. His sustantial political career, driven by gaining and increasing his power and that of his friends, is poorly documented, since manuy of his private papers have vanished. The author's interest in Argyll as a key figure in the Scottish Enlightenment - which became a 30-year-long quest to piece together the fragmentary evidence of his complex life into a coherent story of contradictions within his personal, intellectual and business activities - has given us the first major study of a fascinating man, shown as having changed the nature of Scottish culture.
  • Cover scan of Engine Of Destruction
    Engine Of Destruction: The 51st (Highland) Division In The Great War
    Colin Campbell - Hardback - Argyll
    So great was the reputation of Scottish combat troops in the trench warfare of World War I that an unnamed commentator told Haldane that 'the two most terrible engines of destruction ever made by man with the 51st and 15th Divisions, both Scottish'. Here, Colin Campbell assesses the reputation of the elite 51st Division, which alleged that German soldiers feared it more than any other British or Empire division.
  • Cover scan of Enlightenment's Frontier
    Enlightenment's Frontier: The Scottish Highlands And The Origins Of Environmentalism
    Fredrik Albritton Jonsson - Hardback - Yale University Press
    What was the place of the natural world in Adam Smith's famous defense of free trade? Fredrik Albritton Jonsson recovers the forgotten networks of improvers and natural historians that sought to transform the soil, plants, and climate of Scotland in the 18th century.

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