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  • Cover scan of I Never Knew That About The Scottish
    I Never Knew That About The Scottish
    Christopher Winn - Paperback - Ebury Press
    Turning his attention to the Scottish people, author Christopher Winn takes us on an eye-opening journey around the nation, discovering the intriguing and surprising ways the places and their history contribute to the Scottish character.
  • Cover scan of The Invisible Spirit
    The Invisible Spirit: A Life Of Post-War Scotland 1945-75
    Kenneth Roy - Paperback - Birlinn
    This title presents a history of Scottish society, politics and culture from VE Day 1945 to the coming of North Sea oil 1975.
  • Cover scan of In The Company Of Nurses
    In The Company Of Nurses: The History Of The British Army Nursing Service In The Great War
    Yvonne McEwen - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Constructed from unpublished official and unofficial documents, letters and diaries of the time, this important volume tells the much-neglected story of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) during the First World War. A vital contribution to the historiography of British military care-giving throughout this period and to the history of the Great War more generally, it is further supported by the unpublished war diary of the matron-in-chief for France and Flanders.
  • Cover scan of The Invention Of Scotland
    The Invention Of Scotland: Myth And History
    H. R. Trevor-Roper - Paperback - Yale University Press
    Trevor-Roper argues that while Anglo-Saxon culture spawned next to no myths, myth has played a central role in the development of Scottish identity. He explores three such myths - the political myth of the 'ancient constitution' of Scotland, the literary myth (Walter Scott, Ossian) and the myth of tartan and the kilt.
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    Ireland: History Of A Nation
    David Ross - Paperback - Waverley
    This work tells the story of Ireland from prehistoric times to the present day. Fact windows in the text highlight many noteworthy aspects of Irish history and a chronology gives an overview of Ireland's major cultural, political and religious trends.
  • Cover scan of Introducing Georgian Glasgow
    Introducing Georgian Glasgow: How Glasgow Flourished
    Anthony Lewis, Fiona Hayes and Isobel McDonald - Paperback - Glasgow Museums
    The 18th and early 19th centuries were a time of remarkable expansion for Glasgow. Described by Daniel Defoe as 'the cleanest, beautifullest and best built city in Great Britain', the city expanded from a population of 13,000 in 1712 to over 200,000 by 1832. But what were the causes of this rapid growth in size, wealth and influence? This book looks at the importance of industry, trade, and how the city's place on the commercial trade routes grew the fortunes of the Glasgow 'tobacco lords' and the effects of Empire and links with slavery.
  • Cover scan of The Invisible Spirit
    The Invisible Spirit: A Life Of Post-War Scotland 1945-75
    Kenneth Roy - Hardback - ICS
    This title presents a history of Scottish society, politics and culture from VE Day 1945 to the coming of North Sea oil 1975.
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    James Miller - Paperback - Birlinn
    Drawing on archive material from a wide range of sources, James Miller looks at the past of the city on the Ness and conveys the drama of its long existence.
  • Cover scan of It Could Happen To You
    It Could Happen to You: The Inspirational Story Of The Crime Victim Who Became The People's Crusader
    Helen Newlove - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    On 10 August 2007, Helen's husband, Garry was brutally beaten by a gang of youths outside the family home in Warrington. He died two days later. After the ordeal of a ten-week trial and the murder conviction of three youths, Helen held a press conference, giving a speech that attracted national media attention and propelled her into the role of a campaigner for victims' rights and against the lawlessness that blights so many of our towns and cities. In this memoir, Helen recounts how her family was shattered by Garry's murder and of how good unexpectedly came out of evil.
  • Cover scan of If Hitler Comes
    If Hitler Comes: Preparing For Invasion
    Gordon Barclay - Paperback - Birlinn
    Between May 1940 and the summer of 1941 the British people expected a German invasion that, had it succeeded, would have enslaved them into the Nazis' racist war. However, there is no account of the heroic efforts made in those months to prepare Scotland for the inevitable invasion, and how the defences were intended to be used. This book tells the story, against the wider history of the period and its people, and describes what was built, and what now survives.

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