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    Learning From The Lasses: Geddes' Women
    - Paperback - Luath Press
    Exploring an unusual element of Sir Patrick Geddes' life, the various females that influenced him or were influenced by him, this collection of essays by Walter Stephen and other Geddesian's delve deeper into what made the great Scottish thinker the man he was.
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    Landscapes Of Protest In The Scottish Highlands After 1914: The Later Highland Land Wars
    Iain J. M. Robertson - Hardback - Ashgate
    In November 1918, the implementation of agrarian change in the Scottish Highlands threatened another wave of unemployment and eviction for the land-working population, which led to widespread and varied social protest. Those who had been away on war service (and their families) faced returning to exactly the same social and economic conditions in the Scottish Highlands they had hoped they had left behind in the struggle to make 'a land fit for heroes'. Widespread and varied social protest rapidly followed. It argues that, previously, there has been a failure to capture fully the geography, chronology typology and rate of occurrence of these events.
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    Lost Dundee
    Charles McKean - Paperback - Birlinn
    'Lost Dundee' brings the second city of Renaissance Scotland back to life showing, through previously undiscovered photographs and drawings, the life and the maritime quarter of this great port.
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    Largo's Untold Stories
    Leonard Low - Paperback - Steve Savage
    The village of Largo in Fife has many larger than life characters in its history and Leonard Low ranges from the ancient Romans, to a little-known Scottish admiral, to witch trials, to the original Robinson Crusoe, to an unscupulous sea captain, and to an expedition to find the North West Passage. This book is full of fascinating stories about Largo.
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    The Long 1890s In Egypt: Colonial Quiescence, Subterranean Resistance
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title explores an understudied moment in Egypt's modern history: the turn of the 19th century to the 20th century.
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    Lost Glasgow: Glasgow's Lost Architectural Heritage
    Carol Foreman - Paperback - Birlinn
    Carol Foreman tells a story of the development of a great city through the ages. Her work traces Glasgow's history primarily through buildings which have been demolished, but which played a central part in the city's story at one time or another.
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    The Last Highlander: Scotland's Most Notorious Clan Chief, Rebel & Double Agent
    Sarah Fraser - Paperback - HarperPress
    'The Last Highlander' looks at the life of Simon Fraser; Jacobite, turncoat, traitor and the last nobleman to be executed for treason after failing to persuade the battered remnants of Bonnie Prince Charlie's army to make a last stand in the wake of the defeat at Culloden.
  • Cover scan of Land, Law And People In Medieval Scotland
    Land, Law And People In Medieval Scotland
    Cynthia J. Neville - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This book examines the encounter between Gaels and Europeans in Scotland in the central Middle Ages, offering insights into an important period in the formation of the Scots' national identity.
  • Cover scan of Linlithgowshire
    T. S. Muir - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    The 'Cambridge County Geographies' were designed to provide a series of concise guides to British regions. This guide to Linlithgowshire by T. S. Muir was first published in 1912 and contains numerous illustrative figures as well as a list of the chief towns and villages within the county.
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    Liberal Nationalisms: Empire, State, And Civil Society In Scotland And Quebec
    James Kennedy - Hardback - McGill-Queen's University Press
    Written by James Kennedy, this is a revealing comparative history of nationalist politics in Scotland and Quebec.

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