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  • Cover scan of Scotland's Jesus

    Scotland's Jesus: The Only Officially Non-Racist Comedian
    Frankie Boyle - Paperback - HarperCollinsPublishers
    Reading 'Scotland's Jesus' should be like being called into the living room by your child shouting that they see a little red dot on the head of a TV newscaster, then riding the white hot bullet through the propaganda circuitry of his or her exploding brain. It's a funny book about the news, partly because it was decided that a pornographic book about Scottish Independence wouldn't really sell. In chapters ranging from international politics to the animal world, 'Scotland's Jesus' is allowed the opportunity to showcase his increasingly unsympathetic worldview and disintegrating psyche.
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    The Scottish Nationality Test 2014/15: How Scottish Are You?
    Cameron McPhail - Paperback - B&W
    At a time when Scotland is once again considering life as an independent nation, this book is essential reading for any citizen or visitor with a sense of humour. So, how Scottish are you?
  • Cover scan of The Moaning Of Life

    The Moaning Of Life: The Worldly Wisdom Of Karl Pilkington
    Karl Pilkington - Paperback - Canongate
    Karl Pilkington is 40 years old. He's not married, he doesn't have kids, and he's got a job where he's known as an 'idiot'. It's time for him to take stock and face up to life's big question - what does it all mean? Karl is no stranger to travel, and now he's off on a series of madcap adventures around the globe to find out how other cultures approach life's big issues.
  • Cover scan of Kevin Bridges

    Kevin Bridges
    Kevin Bridges - Book with sound disc - Redbush
    Recorded in his home town of Glasgow, this is Kevin Bridges' second live recording. Numerous TV appearances have made him a household name across the UK.
  • Cover scan of Tommy Doc

    Tommy Doc: The Controversial And Colourful Life Of One Of Football's Most Dominant Personalities
    David Tossell - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    Tommy 'The Doc' Docherty was a combative Scotland international wing-half who became a brilliant but erratic manager. He was much-travelled, and 'I've had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus' was among the well-worn one-liners that created the image of 'The Doc' as football's stand-up comedian. In this book, David Tossell looks beyond the wisecracks, interviewing Docherty himself, as well as former players and colleagues, to examine a remarkable career and reveal the personal heartaches behind the laughter.
  • Cover scan of More Holy Wit
    More Holy Wit
    - Paperback - Steve Savage
    This collection of jokes and anecdotes with a clerical connection continues to find new readers today.
  • Cover scan of 101 Uses For Baler Twine
    101 Uses For Baler Twine
    Frank Rennie - Paperback - Acair
    This book is a must-have for country dwellers the world over who already know the astonishing number of ways, apart from baling hay, in which the ubiquitous baler twine can be used.
  • Cover scan of The Complete Peanuts 1975-1976
    The Complete Peanuts 1975-1976
    Charles M. Schulz - Hardback - Canongate
    As 'The Complete Peanuts' reaches its halfway point, Snoopy's family suddenly expands, adding a brother (Spike), a sister (Belle), and even a nephew. Also in this volume, the Linus/Snoopy/Truffles love triangle, Peppermint Patty's Powder Puff Derby and obedience-school fiascos, Charlie Brown's meeting with his idol Joe Shlabotnik, Marcie's unwanted suitor, and the final fate of the talking schoolhouse building.
  • Cover scan of The Complete Peanuts 1977-1978
    The Complete Peanuts 1977-1978
    Charles M. Schulz - Hardback - Canongate
    In this volume of 'The Complete Peanuts', Charlie Brown, found guilty by the EPA of dentally assaulting the Kite-Eating Tree, goes on the lam and ends up coaching the diminutive 'Goose Eggs' baseball team. New characters include the doghouse-dicing neighbour cat and the talking schoolhouse - plus tennis fun with Snoopy and two more newcomers, the cantankerous Molly Volley and 'Crybaby' Boobie.
  • Cover scan of The Herald Diary 2013
    The Herald Diary 2013: Fur Goodness' Sake!
    Ken Smith - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Wherever Scots gather they tell jokes and stories. And the very best of these much-loved tales find their way to the daily Diary column of The Herald. This volume gathers the very best tales from the column.

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