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  • Cover scan of Oor Wullie
    Oor Wullie: His Secret Capers Are Finally Oot!
    - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Over the years, PC Joe Murdoch, Auchenshoogle's long-suffering local bobby, has borne the brunt of Oor Wullie's escapades. But while the spiky-haired laddie and his pals Wee Eck, Fat Boab, and Soapy Soutar have been giving poor PC Murdoch the runaround, he has collected their most ingenious escapades and playful pranks in his police notepad! Take a keek inside 'Oor Wullie's Secret Capers' for an uproarious look at Oor Wullie's most famous japes, from the 'cartie grand prix' to the 'mouse-napping' of wee Jeemy. Perfect for all the family, this is sure to put a smile on the face of every fan of Scotland's favourite son.
  • Cover scan of Off Kilter!
    Off Kilter!: A Cheeky Wee Keek At Couthie Humour
    - Hardback - doodlemacdoodle
    28 classic couthie nineteenth-century full colour photos with ridiculously modern comments - in Scots, with additional anecdotes in English.
  • Cover scan of The Oor Wullie Notebook
    The Oor Wullie Notebook: A Notebook Full Of Wullie's Favourite Sayings And Pictures Of Wullie
    - Hardback - Waverley
    A stationery item notebook from Oor Wullies, one of Scotland's best-loved and iconic comic book characters, with illustrations, sayings and moments cpatured from the long running comic strip.
  • Cover scan of Och Wheesht And Get Oan Wae It
    Och Wheesht And Get Oan Wae It
    - Hardback - Bookspeed
    A collection of Scottish wit and wisdom for every occasion, inspired by the popular "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters.
  • Cover scan of Odd-Shaped Balls
    Odd-Shaped Balls: Mischief-Makers, Miscreants And Mad-Hatters Of Rugby
    John Scally - Paperback - Mainstream
    'Odd-Shaped Balls' is a collection of stories evoking the fun, colour and wit of the world of rugby as represented by players and fans both great and small.

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