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  • Cover scan of Macbeth
    William Shakespeare - Hardback - Sterling
    Part of the 'Signature Shakespeare' series, this title includes contextualizing essays and timelines by scholar Jesse M. Lander, in collaboration with one of the world's foremost Shakespeare authorities, David Scott Kastan of Columbia University.
  • Cover scan of Decky Does A Bronco
    Decky Does A Bronco
    Douglas Maxwell - Paperback - Oberon
  • Cover scan of Singin I'm No A Billy, He's A Tim
    Singin I'm No A Billy, He's A Tim
    Des Dillon - Paperback - Luath Press
    What happens when you lock up a Celtic fan? What happens when you lock up a Celtic fan with a Rangers fan? What happens when you lock up a Celtic fan with a Rangers fan on the day of the Old Firm match? Des Dillon creates the situation and watches the sparks fly as Billy and Tim clash in a rage of sectarianism and hatred.
  • Cover scan of The Tangled Skein
    The Tangled Skein
    Richard Dinnick - Book with sound disc - Big Finish
    A threat to Holme's life, murders on Hampstead Heath and the deadly phantom lady lead Holmes and Watson into the most dangerous investigation they have ever undertaken - an encounter which brings them fact to face with evil itself, embodied in Count Dracula, the Lord of the Undead.
  • Cover scan of Robert McLellan
    The Collected Works Of Robert McLellan: Playing Scotland's Story
    Robert McLellan - Paperback - Luath Press
    With a strong, vibrant use of Scots, McLellan intermingles comedy with serious moral and political content. McLellan's collected works brings together previously unpublished plays like 'Jeddart Justice' with acknowledged classics such as 'Jamie the Saxt' and a selection of his prize-winning poems.
  • Cover scan of Sia Dealbhan-Cluiche
    Sia Dealbhan-Cluiche
    Alasdair Caimbeul - Paperback - Clàr
    A collection of six new plays by a popular and well-established Gaelic author. A wide variety of situations and characters are brought to life by Campbell's perceptive and enjoyable writing.
  • Cover scan of Too Fast
    Too Fast
    Douglas Maxwell - Paperback - Oberon
    Sensation Nation is a vocal group founded and led by the unstoppable DD. Her grand plan is for the group to storm next year's Britain's Got Talent. But first they need a gig, and more importantly a heartbreaking back-story that will win them votes later on down the line.
  • Cover scan of The Monster In The Hall
    The Monster In The Hall
    David Greig - Paperback - Faber
    Duck Macatarsney cares for her biker dad, Duke, whose MS is getting worse. Duke is a spliff-smoking (for medicinal reasons you understand), bike-riding, heavy-metal- and horror-movie-loving, pizza-eating widower who has brought up Duck since the death of her mum in a crash.
  • Cover scan of A Slow Air
    A Slow Air
    David Harrower - Paperback - Faber
    Morna works as a cleaner in Edinburgh. She spends her time drinking, attempting affairs and trying to work out the mind of the 20-year-old son with whom she shares her flat. Her elder brother, Athol, lives near Glasgow airport with his wife.
  • Cover scan of The Strange Undoing Of Prudencia Hart
    The Strange Undoing Of Prudencia Hart
    David Greig - Paperback - Faber
    One wintry morning Prudencia Hart, an uptight academic, sets off to attend a conference in the Scottish Borders. As the snow begins to fall, little does she know who or what awaits her there. Swept along on an enchanting dream-like journey of self discovery, Prudencia meets with magical moments, devilish encounters and wild music.

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