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  • Cover scan of Oedipus The Visionary
    Oedipus The Visionary
    David Greig - Paperback - Capercaillie
    Adapted from the story of Oedipus this is an incisive exploration of the relationship between character and fate.
  • Cover scan of Opium Eater
    Opium Eater
    Andrew Dallmeyer - Paperback - Capercaillie
    Combining an exhuberent eccentricity with an economy of expression, this is a dramatised account of the life of Thomas De Quincy, man of letters and laudanum addict.
  • Cover scan of One Day All This Will Come To Nothing
    One Day All This Will Come To Nothing
    Catherine Grosvenor - Paperback - Nick Hern
    'One Day All This Will Come To Nothing' takes a dry, deadpan look at living with loss. And wonders whether, sometimes, knowing nothing is better than knowing too much.

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