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  • Cover scan of Bones & Breath
    Bones & Breath
    Alexander Hutchison - Hardback - Salt
    Scottish, northern, metaphysical, 'Bones & Breath' is a masterful new collection from a poet at the height of his powers. People want pleasure from poetry and in 'Bones & Breath' they can find it in many forms and registers. Power and beauty, mischief and humour. Longer poems mix satire with tender affection. Others offer everything from solar loops to red-throated divers.
  • Cover scan of Robert Burns And Ayrshire
    A Guide To The People And Places The Poet Knew: A Guide To The People And Places The Poet Knew
    David Williams - Hardback - Alloway Publishing
    Biographical, anecdotal and geographical information concerning the adventurous life of the poet Robert Burns and his home county of Ayrshire.
  • Cover scan of Burns And Other Poets
    Burns And Other Poets
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    These essays focus on Robert Burns' achievements as a poet, exploring his special place in Scottish, English and Irish literary culture. Close readings of his dialogues with earlier poets such as John Milton, Thomas Gray and Allan Ramsay, sit alongside analyses of the creative responses of his contemporaries and heirs.
  • Cover scan of Katherine Mansfield Studies
    Katherine Mansfield And The (post)colonial
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This volume addresses issues raised by Katherine Mansfield's nomadic rootlessness as an 'extraterritorial' writer, her constant movement between European countries, her impetuosity about travel, her volatility towards states of home and belonging.
  • Cover scan of Key Concepts In Literary Theory
    Key Concepts In Literary Theory
    Julian Wolfreys - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    In defining many of the most significant and often arcane terms and concepts used in the study of literary theory and criticism, this guide brings together some 300 terms from a wide range of disciplines and subject areas.
  • Cover scan of On The Unexplained
    On The Unexplained
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Paperback - Hesperus Press
    An account of seances, automatic writing, trips to haunted country houses and in-depth philosophical analysis of the thinking behind the supernatural taken from 'Edge of the Unknown'.
  • Cover scan of The Poetics Of Impersonality
    The Poetics Of Impersonality: T.S. Eliot And Ezra Pound
    Maud Ellmann - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    In this classic work, Maud Ellmann examines T.S. Eliot's and Ezra Pound's criticism in terms of what she calls the 'poetics of impersonality'. She convincingly shows that Eliot's and Pound's attempts to overcome personality merely reinstated it in a new guise: her superb and entirely original readings of the major poems of the modernist canon have earned a lasting place in criticism.
  • Cover scan of Research Methods For English Studies
    Research Methods For English Studies
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This volume introduces final-year undergraduate and postgraduate students taking Masters degrees or PhDs to a range of research methods that are deployed in the study of English, particularly for the periods of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Cover scan of The Triumph Of Human Empire
    The Triumph Of Human Empire: Verne, Morris, And Stevenson At The End Of The World
    Rosalind H. Williams - Hardback - The University of Chicago Press
  • Cover scan of The Truth About William Shakespeare
    The Truth About William Shakespeare: Fact, Fiction And Modern Biographies
    David Ellis - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    David Ellis looks at the methods that Shakespeare's biographers have used to hide their lack of knowledge. At the same time, by exploring efforts to write a life of Shakespeare along traditional lines, it asks what kind of animal 'biography' really is and how it should be written.

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