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  • Cover scan of A Feminine Enlightenment
    A Feminine Enlightenment: British Women Writers And The Philosophy Of Progress, 1759-1820
    JoEllen DeLucia - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Drawing on her archival research, JoEllen DeLucia argues that women writers shaped Enlightenment conversations regarding the role of sentiment and gender in the civilising process. By reading women's literature alongside history and philosophy and moving between the 18th century and romantic era, she challenges conventional historical and generic boundaries.
  • Cover scan of Friendship's Shadows
    Friendship's Shadows: Woman's Friendship And The Politics Of Betrayal In England, 1640-1705
    Penelope Anderson - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Penelope Anderson's study changes our understanding both of the masculine Renaissance friendship tradition and the private forms of women's friendship of the 18th century and after. It uncovers the latent threat of betrayal lurking within politicized classical and humanist friendship, showing its surprising resilience as a model for political obligation undone and remade.
  • Cover scan of The Flight Of The Turtle
    The Flight Of The Turtle: New Writing Scotland 29
    - Paperback - ASLS
    'New Writing Scotland' is the principal forum for poetry and short fiction in Scotland today. Every year it publishes the very best from both emerging and estblished writers, and lists many of the leading literary lights of Scotland among its past and present contributors.
  • Cover scan of Focus On Macbeth
    Focus On Macbeth
    - Paperback - Routledge
    Many kinds of study are needed in order to understand the tragedy of 'Macbeth' and this book provides a wide range of studies that respect the individuality of the text and examine it from different viewpoints.
  • Cover scan of Flower Princess
    The Flower Princess
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Picture Corgi
    Grandpa is feeling very down in the dumps because he is sure that everyone has forgotten his birthday - even Poppy! But what he doesn't know is that everyone's favourite princess, Princess Poppy, has a surprise in store for him. Will everything go to plan - and will Poppy manage to cheer Grandpa up?
  • Cover scan of Fickle Man
    Fickle Man: Robert Burns In The 21st Century
    - Hardback - Sandstone
    21st-century Burns scholarship is making some unexpected and exciting discoveries about the poet and his work. 'Fickle Man' is a new volume of essays by top international writers and scholars published to mark the 250th anniversary of the poet's birth, bringing fresh and vigorous insights into the significance of Burns.
  • Cover scan of For The Islands I Sing
    For The Islands I Sing: An Autobiography
    George Mackay Brown - Paperback - Polygon
    George Mackay died in 1996. He wrote this memoir in the years before his death, but did not want it published while he was still alive. Here his simple, bardic honesty is turned upon himself.
  • Cover scan of Fringe Of Gold
    Fringe Of Gold: The Fife Anthology
    - Paperback - Birlinn
    This is an anthology of writing about Fife, a part of Scotland with an immensely rich tradition of history and literature. It gathers together all of the great characters of Scottish history who have acted out their dramas within the famous Kingdom of Fife.
  • Cover scan of Full Volume
    Full Volume
    Robert Crawford - Paperback - Cape Poetry
    Holding in balance the ecological and the technological, ancient and modern, 'Full Volume' sings languages and cultures, people and habitats burgeoning on the brink of extinction. From revved-up battle-cry to nervous whisper, these lyrical poems praise intricate abundance.
  • Cover scan of Fiction Against History
    Fiction Against History: Scott As Storyteller
    James Kerr - Paperback - Cambridge University Press

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