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  • Cover scan of Voices From Their Ain Countrie
    Voices From Their Ain Countrie: The Poems Of Marion Angus And Violet Jacob
    Marion Angus; Violet Jacob - Paperback - Association for Scottish Literary Studies
    Serious and whimsical, radical and emotional, the poetry of Angus and Jacob continues to enthrall. More than 200 poems are included in this anthology which traces their similarities and differences to provide a critical background for a full appreciation of their work.
  • Cover scan of Apollos Of The North
    Apollos Of The North: The Selected Poems Of George Buchanan And Arthur Johnston
    George Buchanan; Arthur Johnston - Paperback - Polygon
    Published to coincide with the quincentenary of Buchanan's birth in 2006, this book presents a selection of his work, translated and accompanied by the work of Arthur Johnston, a great admirer and contemporary of Buchanan's, and a fellow Scot.
  • Cover scan of Rattlesnake Road
    Rattlesnake Road
    Tom Bryan - Paperback - Dionysia
    'Rattlesnake Road' should prove a revelation for those both familiar and unfamiliar with Tom Bryan's previous poetry.
  • Cover scan of Twentieth-Century Scottish Poetry
    The Faber Book Of Scottish Poetry
    - Paperback - Faber
    During the 1920s, Scottish poetry, personified by Hugh MacDiarmid, asserted its independence, denying the claim made by T.S. Eliot that all significant differences between Scottish and English literature had ceased to exist. It was an energetic 'No' to provincialism, and a vigorous 'Yes' to nationalism as an enabler of poetry.
  • Cover scan of The Terrorist At My Table
    The Terrorist At My Table
    Imtiaz Dharker - Paperback - Bloodaxe
    This collection of poetry asks crucial questions about how we live - working, travelling, eating, listening to the news, preparing for attack.
  • Cover scan of All The Poems
    All The Poems
    Muriel Spark - Paperback - Carcanet
    This collection of poetry by Muriel Spark presents the full range of one of Britain's most acclaimed writers. It includes villanelles, ballads and epigrams, as well as freer forms, all marked by her sharp observations and command of her medium.
  • Cover scan of The Book Of Blood
    The Book Of Blood
    Vicki Feaver - Paperback - Jonathan Cape
    Set in a territory which connects child with adult, myth with reality, the personal with the universal, the book shows a poet fully open to the richness and possibilities of the world but also aware of its violence and pain, not as a remote observer but as someone who is a part of it.
  • Cover scan of Accent O The Mind
    Accent O The Mind: Poems, Chiefly In The Scots Language
    Rab Wilson - Paperback - Luath
    This collection of poems from Rab Wilson written predominantly in Lallans, encompasses the variety of modern Scottish life, touching on diverse aspects such as supermarket shopping, morris dancing, text messaging and reflecting on Scotland's mining communities.
  • Cover scan of The Chameleon Of Happiness
    The Chameleon Of Happiness
    Rowena M. Love - Paperback - Makar
    This volume is a collection of poems by Scottish writer Rowena M. Love. It includes previously published and award winning poems as well as some of her new work.
  • Cover scan of Running Threads
    Running Threads: Poems
    - Paperback - Makar
    'Running Threads' is a collection of poems by Scottish writers.

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