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  • Cover scan of Take Me With You
    Take Me With You
    Polly Clark - Paperback - Bloodaxe
    'Take Me With You' is strange and dangerous, searching for answers to questions about the nature of human attachment and longing. The poems are unsettling even as they are compelling. Both this new collection and Clark's debut collection, 'Kiss', have received Poetry Book Society Redommendations.
  • Cover scan of Kate O Shanter's Tale
    Kate O Shanter's Tale: And Other Poems
    Matthew Fitt - Paperback - Luath
  • Cover scan of The Book Of Shadows
    The Book Of Shadows
    Don Paterson - Paperback - Picador
    Eloquent, illuminating, and intimate, 'The Book of Shadows' is a collection of aphorisms from Don Paterson where the profound, the poetic and the profane meet to glorious effect.
  • Cover scan of In My Father's House
    In My Father's House
    David P. Kinloch - Paperback - Carcanet
    The poems in 'In My Father's House' present a world of eccentric fathers, dissecting family and other adult relationships with humour, insight and beauty.
  • Cover scan of The Wallace Muse
    The Wallace Muse: Poems And Artworks Inspired By The Life And Legend Of William Wallace
    - Paperback - Luath
    William Wallace is a complex character - loved by the Scots and loathed by the English, he was a terror to some and an inspirational leader to others. This book includes poems and artworks inspired by the impact and the memory of the life of the man who helped free the Scottish nation at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
  • Cover scan of Selected Poems

    Selected Poems
    Robert Crawford - Hardback - Jonathan Cape
    Here is a distillation of the best work from one of Scotland's leading contemporary poets. Taken from his first six books, these poems confirm Robert Crawford as a poet of exhilarating energy. His work is richly nourished by his background.
  • Cover scan of Handsel
    Handsel: Scottish Poems For Welcoming And Naming Babies
    - Hardback - Polygon
    When a child is born or given a name, friends and relatives will want to wish the baby well, and find a special way of expressing their love, hope and blessings. This is a selection of contemporary and classic Scottish poems, in Scots, English and Gaelic, with appropriate translations and glossaries.
  • Cover scan of Lament
    Lament: Scottish Poems For Funerals And Consolation
    - Hardback - Polygon
    It is hard to put grief into words, and many people turn to poems to speak for them at a difficult time. This restorative collection of Scottish poems will help readers and listeners to accept a loss and celebrate a life, whether at formal religious or secular ceremonies, or quiet commemorations.
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    Without A Backward Glance: New And Selected Poems
    Ron Butlin - Hardback - Barzan
    This collection contains work selected from previous volumes plus a batch of new poems. Among the new poems are reflections on Scotland in an untried phase of its history, stories of human loss and change, and an evocation of the very different music imagined by a boy 'in the absence of an orchestra in his muddy Scottish village'.
  • Cover scan of Voyage Of Intent
    Voyage Of Intent: Sonnets And Essays From The Scottish Parliament
    James Robertson - Paperback - Luath
    Here are 11 sonnets and three essays written by James Robertson. They create snapshots of the Scottish Parliament and the people working and living in and around it, and convey the historical relationship between Scottish literature, identity, politics and the Royal Mile as a literary location.

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