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  • Cover scan of Ten Poems From Scotland
    Ten Poems From Scotland
    - Paperback - Candlestick
    These ten poems, selected and introduced by Don Paterson, offer a taste of the poetry of Scotland. Some explore ideas around identity and change, exile and belonging. Others focus on landscape and place, or are principally about language itself.
  • Cover scan of Tree Language
    Tree Language
    Marion McCready - Hardback - Eyewear Publishing
    'Tree Language' is told in shard-like poems of supreme richness and finely balanced darkness - variously shaped, whittled to a point, almost sharp enough to draw blood. And although this is a book spiked with brambles and skeletal branches, shot through with frost and fossilled with plant-bones, blood is the slick thread that sews together its themes and landscapes.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    This Room Is Waiting: Poems From Iraq And Scotland
    - Paperback - Freight
    Four award-winning Scottish poets come together with four Iraqi poets to create an unforgettable anthology that sheds new light on real lives in contemporary post-war Iraq.
  • Cover scan of The Touch Of Time
    The Touch Of Time: New & Selected Poems
    Stewart Conn - Paperback - Bloodaxe Books
    'The Touch of Time' is a new retrospective by Stewart Conn, one of Scotland's most distinguished poets.
  • Cover scan of The Twelve Signs O' Christmas

    The Twelve Signs O' Christmas: A Poem For Christmas
    David Donaldson - Paperback - Waverley
    This is a Christmas greeting from the Broons of No. 10 Glebe Street.
  • Cover scan of The Testament Of Cresseid
    The Testament Of Cresseid
    Robert Henryson - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    Originally published in 1926, this volume contains the full text of 'The Testament of Cresseid' by Scottish poet Robert Henryson.
  • Cover scan of Tea With The Taliban
    Tea With The Taliban
    Owen Gallagher - Paperback - Smokestack
    Owen Gallagher's 3rd collection of poems is a book about the warring tribes to which we all belong. This is a journey to Dystopia - from the Gorbals in the 1950s to contemporary Palestine. The poems examine the loyalties of family and friendship, the sectarian and ideological loyalties of religion, class and politics.
  • Cover scan of A Thorn In The Flesh
    A Thorn In The Flesh: Selected Poems
    Eddie S. Linden - Paperback - Hearing Eye
    These poems rise out of Eddie Linden's pacifism, his sexuality and his conflicts with the Catholic church. There are tender poems around childhood and youth, and on desire and elusive love.
  • Cover scan of These Islands, We Sing
    These Islands, We Sing: An Anthology Of Scottish Islands Poetry
    - Paperback - Polygon
    This title is a celebration of poetry which comes out of the Scottish islands. The collection brings together world-renowned talent, including Sorley Maclean, Ian Crichton Smith, George Mackay Brown, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Hugh McDiarmid.
  • Cover scan of Tam O'Shanter
    Tam O'Shanter
    Robert Burns - Hardback - Birlinn
    Perhaps the most famous of the poems of Robert Burns, 'Tam O'Shanter' is known around the world. This book illustrates scenes from the poem alongside the full text.

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