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    Communist Women In Scotland: Red Clydeside From The Russian Revolution To The End Of The Soviet Union
    Neil C. Rafeek - Hardback - Tauris Academic Studies
    Neil Rafeek makes the first systematic study of 'Red Clydeside', the term given to communism, radical Labour and trade unionism in Scotland. He focuses on the role of women in the Communist Party and describes women's experiences of meeting leading international personalities of the era.
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    The Scottish Nation: Identity And History
    - Hardback - John Donald
    Scotland's leading historians, old colleagues and former students have come together to celebrate the controversial quality of William Ferguson's achievements. In doing so, they have created a book that is progressive and challenging - something that Ferguson was never afraid to confront.
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    Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization
    - Paperback - AK
    The 20 essays in this book cover a broad range: embedded intellectuals in increasingly corporatised universities, research projects in which factory workers and academics work side by side, revolutionary ethnographies of the Global Justice Movement, and meditations on technology from the branches of a Scottish tree-sit.
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    Possibilities: Essays On Hierarchy, Rebellion And Desire
    David Graeber - Paperback - AK
    David Graeber here applies anthropological theory to capitalism and its opponents. His analysis uses case studies from such diverse communities as rural Madagascans, pre-capitalist economies and urban international protest groups to tease out the truth about the state we're in.
  • Cover scan of A Glossary Of UK Government And Politics
    A Glossary Of UK Government And Politics
    Duncan Watts - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    A reference guide to the events, personnel, policies and institutions relevant to British government and politics. The book offers a series of definitions and explanations of the key terminology and sharp vignettes of the leading characters who have graced the political scene in recent years.
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    Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics Of Anarchism And Syndicalism
    Lucien Van der Walt; Michael Schmidt - Paperback - AK
    The authors offer an extremely wide-ranging sweep through political history, with sections on Theory and Analysis, Tactics and Strategy, and chapters on Trade Unionism, Gender, Race and Imperialism among many other issues covered.
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    Free Comrades: Anarchism And Homosexuality In The United States, 1895-1917
    Terence Kissack - Paperback - AK
    This is a fully indexed work on anarchism as it intersected with sexual politics at a time when homosexuality was considered to be 'gross indecency' and Oscar Wilde was imprisoned for two years hard labour in a show trial. The academic level of research is paired with an accessible writing style.
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    Britain's Everyday Heroes: The Making Of The Good Society
    Gordon Brown - Paperback - Mainstream
    Gordon Brown tells the stories of 31 everyday heroes - ordinary people whose willing commitment to a cause or a community has informed and inspired him. The stories tell of a real Britain neither flawless nor broken down but caring, innovative, passionate and determined.
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    The Modern State: Theories And Ideologies
    Erika Cudworth; Tim Hall; John McGovern - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This broad-ranging book covers the liberal democratic state and other, non-democratic state formations and offers chapters on each of the core theories of the modern state. Each chapter is structured in the same way to allow for ease of cross-referencing and for comparisons to be drawn between theories.
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    Red Scotland?: The Rise And Fall Of The Radical Left, C. 1872 To 1932
    William Kenefick - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    Kenefick explores the impact of the Left on the Scottish people between the 1870s and 1930s, and asks whether Scotland was ever 'Red' during these decades. He examines key issues concerning radicalism in the country, including the impact of left-wing political radicalism, industrial unrest, war and the Russian Revolution.

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