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  • Cover scan of On Being A Man
    On Being A Man: Four Scottish Men In Conversation
    David Torrance - Paperback - Luath Press
    What does 'masculinity' mean today? 'On Being a Man' brings together four men to consider the condition of Scottish men, reflect on their own backgrounds and experiences, and confront some of the most difficult issues men face. These include the changing roles of men in Scottish society, the role of work and employment.
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    Och Aye! Ach, Naw--: Better Thegither, Or Tae Think Again?
    Michael Kerrigan - Paperback - Saraband
    In 2014, Scotland decides. It's a difficult decision for a large number of voters, and many are still undecided as there are so many arguments both for and against independence. Offering a run-down of the main pros and cons, author Michael Kerrigan helps you to decide once and for all: should Scotland be in or out of the United Kingdom?
  • Cover scan of Oppose And Propose
    Oppose And Propose: Lessons From Movement For A New Society
    Andrew Cornell - Paperback - AK
    Where do the tactics, strategies, and lifestyles of today's activists come from? Many ways of doing radical politics pioneered by Movement for a New Society in the 1970s and 1980s have become central to anti-authoritarian social movements.
  • Cover scan of Orgasms Of History
    Orgasms Of History: 3000 Years Of Spontaneous Insurrection
    Yves Fremion - Paperback - AK
    Fremion was a participant in the May 1968 uprisings in Paris and has written extensively for the underground press and comics of France. With this book, he presents a people's history of revoluts and utopias from the ancient Greeks to the present
  • Cover scan of Open Scotland?
    Open Scotland?: Journalists, Spin Doctors And Lobbyists
    Philip Schlesinger; David Miller; William Dinan - Paperback - Polygon at Edinburgh
    This text offers a full-scale analysis of how media, politicians and lobbyists interact in the new Scotland. It is an inside account of the struggles to establish the rules of the game for covering politics and regulating lobbyists.
  • Cover scan of Obsolete Communism
    Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative
    Daniel Cohn-Bendit; Gabriel Cohn-Bendit - Paperback - AK
    Obsolete Communism offers an unsurpassed interpretation of the events surrounding the unsuccessful attempt to bring about a revolution in France in 1968. It led to the Gaullists regaining power