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  • Cover scan of But The Distilleries Went On
    But The Distilleries Went On
    Ian Buxton - Hardback - Angels' Share
    Morrison Bowmore Distillers (MBD) started life in 1951 as an independent player in an industry largely dominated by the dinosaur that was The Distillers Company. Its founder was Stanley P. Morrison who, with partner James Howat, astutely built the company into one of Scotch Whiskey's major players. Then, with the assistance of Stanley's sons Brian and Tim they eventually created a distillery portfolio of Bowmore, Auchentoshan and Glen Garioch. A considerable trade in bulk whiskey was built up but as this market declined and interest in singly malt grew, the firm developed its branded business. This volume traces the early beginnings of MBD and charts the development of the company over six decades as it grew and prospered.
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    Born A Beachcomber
    Steve Mathieson - Paperback - The Shetland Times
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    Berry Treasured Memories
    James Niven - Paperback - Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Local History Trust
    'Berry Treasured Memories' charts 100 years of raspberry growing in Blairgowrie, Scotland from the start of the local industry in 1885 through to 1985. The book was written by Blairgowrie fruit grower Jim Niven during his retirement and completed by his daughter Irene Geoghegan following Jim's death in 2008. This is a personal account of the Niven family's involvement with the berry-growing business and contains a wealth of detail and photographs combining Jim's own experiences with scientific and technical changes in the industry. The book will help many recall their own memories of 'the berries' and give a great insight to anyone interested in the history and development of berry growing in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Bye Bye B&B
    Bye, Bye B&B: More From Behind The Scenes At A Highland B&B
    Joan Campbell - Paperback - Luath
    More laugh-out-loud tales from the pen of Joan Campbell, mixed with some sound advice about running, or staying in, a successful B&B.
  • Cover scan of The BBC In Scotland
    The BBC In Scotland: The First 50 Years
    David Pat Walker - Hardback - Luath
    David Pat Walker offers an in-depth analysis of the history of BBC Scotland from its creation in 1923 through to its 50th anniversary in the 1970s. Examining how the firm developed over the course of the 20th century, he portrays how the broadcaster developed its own Scottish identity despite governance from London.
  • Cover scan of The Buttercup
    The Buttercup: The Remarkable Story Of Andrew Ewing And The Buttercup Dairy Company
    Bill Scott - Paperback - Leghorn
    Close to being lost to history, the remarkable story of Andrew Ewing and his Buttercup Dairy Company is recounted by Bill Scott, who was born and riased on the company's farm in Edinburgh.
  • Cover scan of Bad Whisky
    Bad Whisky: The Scandal That Created The World's Most Successful Spirit
    Edward Burns - Paperback - Angels' Share
    This is a unique insight into the Victorian scandal which raged at the end of the 19th century surrounding the adulteration of whisky in public houses throughout the UK.
  • Cover scan of Bunnets 'N' Bowlers
    Bunnets 'N' Bowlers: A Clydeside Odyssey
    Brian Whittingham - Paperback - Luath
    Shipbuilding was once the lifeblood of the Scottish economy. 'Bunnets 'n' Bowlers' takes you behind the scenes to show the drinking, swearing and survival of the artisans who built the world's greatest ships.
  • Cover scan of BEAline To The Islands
    BEAline To The Islands: The Story Of Air Services To Offshore Communities Of The British Isles By British European Airways, Its Predecessors And Successors
    Phil Lo Bao; Iain Hutchison - Paperback - Kea
    Written as an historical narrative, BEAline to the Islands concerns the provision of air services to the Channel Islands, Scilly Isles, Isle of Man, the Hebrides, the Orkneys and the Shetlands by British European Airways and other providers.