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    Colloquial Scottish Gaelic: The Complete Course For Beginners
    Katherine M. Spadaro - Book with sound disc - Routledge
    'Colloquial Scottish Gaelic' offers a series of stimulating and informative lessons in modern Gaelic, the historic language of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It emphasises up-to-date, conversational language.
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    Everyday Gaelic: Morag MacNeill
    Morag MacNeill - Pbk. + CD - Birlinn
    'Everyday Gaelic' is more than a foreign phrase book. Since English is also spoken in the Gaelic-speaking areas, communication in Gaelic is not so much a matter of necessity as of choice and interest. This book dips into the chatty, the personal and domestic aspects of the language.
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    National 4 & 5 English
    Jane Cooper - Paperback - Hodder Gibson
    Ensure your students are prepared for every aspect of their assessment with the only textbook to offer fully comprehensive coverage of the new syllabus requirements.
  • Cover scan of The Russian Language Outside The Nation
    The Russian Language Outside The Nation: Speakers And Identities
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, over 25 million Russian speakers ended up living outside their homeland. Some remained in the non-Russian former Soviet republics which became independent states, whilst others migrated. This book explores multiple issues connected to the Russian speaker's identity as a member of a linguistic minority in the new world configuration. This topic has received little scholarly attention but it is relevant not only for Russia but also for the policy makers and societies of the destination nations.
  • Cover scan of SQA Specimen Paper 2013 National 5 German And Model Papers
    SQA Specimen Paper 2013 National 5 German And Model Papers
    - Paperback - Hodder Gibson
    Practise for your exams on the genuine exam papers from the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Each book includes additional model papers and extra revision guidance, making them an essential purchase for any student. Discover how to get your best grade with answers checked by senior examiners, prepare for your exams with study skills guidance sections, and gain vital extra marks and avoid common mistakes with examiner tips.
  • Cover scan of Construction Grammar And Its Application To English
    Construction Grammar And Its Application To English
    Martin Hilpert - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    What do speakers of English know in order to produce utterances that other speakers will understand? This book explains how knowledge of language is organised in speakers' minds.
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    Manual Of Modern Scots
    William Grant - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    Originally published in 1921, this book was intended for non-Scottish students of Scottish literature as a guide for recitation and declamation of Scottish pieces.
  • Cover scan of Sociolinguistics In Scotland
    Sociolinguistics In Scotland
    - Hardback - Palgrave Macmillan
    'Sociolinguistics in Scotland' presents a comprehensive overview of sociolinguistic research in Scotland and showcases developments in sociolinguistic theory, method and application, highlighting Scotland's position as a valuable 'sociolinguistic laboratory'. This book is a key resource for those interested in language use in Scotland.
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    Elements Of Formal Semantics
    Yoad Winter - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Designed as a quick yet thorough introduction formal semantics, this is an essential companion for students and instructors of linguistics, logic, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and the philosophy of language. It also works as a quick introduction for general readers with advanced scientific backgrounds who hope to gain better access to the empirical study of 'language meaning'.
  • Cover scan of Phonetic Transcription In Theory And Practice
    Phonetic Transcription In Theory And Practice
    B. Heselwood - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Phonetic transcription is a key element in many kinds of written works, not least linguistics books, dictionaries, language-teaching texts and bilingual reference works. This monograph addresses all of the important aspects of phonetic transcription.

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