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  • Cover scan of Language, Borders And Identity
    Language, Borders And Identity
    Dominic James Landon Watt - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    A wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary discussion of the connections between language, borders and identity.
  • Cover scan of Lexican Variation And Attrition In The Scottish Fishing Communities
    Lexican Variation And Attrition In The Scottish Fishing Communities
    Robert McColl Millar - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title deals with dialect death and the attrition of specifically local lexis in traditional dialects, focusing on a representative sample of fishing communities along Scotland's east coast.
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    Mirds O Wirds: A Shetland Dialect Word Book
    - Paperback - The Shetland Times
  • Cover scan of The Arabic Language
    The Arabic Language
    C. H. M. Versteegh - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    As an introductory guide to the Arabic language this book will also serve as a useful tool for discussing both historical and socio-linguistic implications, but its main thrust is towards explaining the structure of the language and its modern role.
  • Cover scan of Language Planning As A Sociolinguistic Experiment
    Language Planning As A Sociolinguistic Experiment: The Case Of Modern Norwegian
    Ernst HaĚŠkon Jahr - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    2014 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian nation following centuries of Danish rule. This book gives a comprehensive account of that entire 200-year period, and analyses how Norwegians defined, fought over, and developed their own independent Scandinavian language, differentiating it from Danish and Swedish, through language planning. The almost two centuries of Norwegian language planning and conflict encompassed an extraordinary sociolinguistic experiment which led to decades of intense linguistic struggle and which has had no parallel anywhere else in the world. This book-length case study provides students and scholars in sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language planning and language policy with a richly detailed insight into the uniqueness of the Norwegian language development.
  • Cover scan of Awa' An' Bile Yer Heid!
    Awa' An' Bile Yer Heid!: Scottish Curses And Insults
    - Paperback - Birlinn
    From football through the weather to politics, each other and of course the English, there is nothing about which a Scot does not have a scathing remark to make. This volume presents a rich collection of insults and invective.
  • Cover scan of Construction Grammar And Its Application To English
    Construction Grammar And Its Application To English
    Martin Hilpert - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    What do speakers of English know in order to produce utterances that other speakers will understand? This book explains how knowledge of language is organised in speakers' minds.
  • Cover scan of Language And Identity In Modern Egypt
    Language And Identity In Modern Egypt
    Reem Bassiouney - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This text examines language and identity in modern Egypt using theories from discourse analysis and sociolinguistics.
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    Colloquial Scottish Gaelic: The Complete Course For Beginners
    Katherine M. Spadaro - Book with sound disc - Routledge
    'Colloquial Scottish Gaelic' offers a series of stimulating and informative lessons in modern Gaelic, the historic language of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It emphasises up-to-date, conversational language.
  • Cover scan of Everyday Gaelic
    Everyday Gaelic: Morag MacNeill
    Morag MacNeill - Pbk. + CD - Birlinn
    'Everyday Gaelic' is more than a foreign phrase book. Since English is also spoken in the Gaelic-speaking areas, communication in Gaelic is not so much a matter of necessity as of choice and interest. This book dips into the chatty, the personal and domestic aspects of the language.

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