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  • Cover scan of The Russian Language Outside The Nation
    The Russian Language Outside The Nation: Speakers And Identities
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, over 25 million Russian speakers ended up living outside their homeland. Some remained in the non-Russian former Soviet republics which became independent states, whilst others migrated. This book explores multiple issues connected to the Russian speaker's identity as a member of a linguistic minority in the new world configuration. This topic has received little scholarly attention but it is relevant not only for Russia but also for the policy makers and societies of the destination nations.
  • Cover scan of Rude French
    Rude French
    - Paperback - Chambers Harrap
    This is the alternative phrasebook that shows how the French really talk, including their love of a good spoonerism and the body language that will get you understood without opening your mouth.
  • Cover scan of Rude Spanish
    Rude Spanish
    - Paperback - Chambers Harrap
    More than an alternative Spanish phrasebook, 'Rude Spanish' takes an entertaining romp through the underside of the Spanish language. You'll also find sections on Spanish jokes, body language and swearing, plus irreverent cartoons throughout the book to illustrate some of the more entertaining phrases.
  • Cover scan of Revitalising Gaelic In Scotland
    Revitalising Gaelic In Scotland: Policy, Planning And Public Discourse
    - Paperback - Dunedin Academic
    This volume presents an interdisciplinary collection of essays, reviewing the state of Gaelic in contemporary Scotland, covering sociolinguistics and language policy, questions of identity and community and educational, media, cultural, and development issues. Contributions in Gaelic also have detailed English language synopses.