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  • Cover scan of Holy Week
    Holy Week: A Spiritual Guide From Palm Sunday To Easter
    Emil Bock - Hardback - Floris
    Easter Holy Week is a unique time in the Christian calendar, containing both dramatic lows and highs, as well as time for reflection and meditation. This text offers readers an inspiring guide from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
  • Cover scan of Studies In The Gospels
    Studies In The Gospels
    Emil Bock - Paperback - Floris
    In the course of his pioneering work in the Christian community, Emil Bock made many studies of different aspects of the Gospels. Volume 2 looks particularly at the teachings of Christ, and at the Gospel of St Luke.
  • Cover scan of The Parable Of Jesus
    The Parable Of Jesus: Entering, Growing, Living And Finishing In God's Kingdom
    Terry L. Johnson - Paperback - Christian Focus
    Jesus always intended his parables to have life-changing implications for those who listened. So, what impact can these parables have on your life? Can they change it? This book will help you understand the importance of the parables on your everyday life.
  • Cover scan of A' Chreathall, An Crann Is An Crun
    A' Chreathall, An Crann Is An Crun
    Catriona NicDhòmhnaill - Paperback - Cranagan
    This is a collection of Gaelic spiritual songs written by Catriona MacDonald over many years, together with some of the tunes she has composed.
  • Cover scan of The Calendar Of The Soul
    The Calendar Of The Soul: A Commentary
    Karl König - Paperback - Floris
    Karl König meditated intensely on the 52 weekly verses of Rudolf Steiner's 'Calendar of the Soul'. He often encouraged his colleagues to find inner strength from the verses, and wrote this book as a guide for them, drawing out the patterns through the course of the year.
  • Cover scan of An Inner Journey Through The Year

    An Inner Journey Through The Year: Soul Images And The Calendar Of The Soul
    Karl König - Paperback - Floris
    Karl König meditated intensely on the 52 weekly verses of Rudolf Steiner's 'Calendar of the Soul'. During his time in internment on the Isle of Man, he made these 52 naïve, artistic sketches to accompany each verse.
  • Cover scan of Adam Bittleston
    Adam Bittleston: His Life, Work And Thought
    - Paperback - Floris
    Adam Bittleston was an ordained priest of The Christian Community, a movement for the religious renewal founded in 1922 with the help of the philosopher and founder of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner. This book is the first biography of a fascinating and influential individual.
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    Jonah: Poets In Extremis
    Richard Littledale - Hardback - Saint Andrew
    Whichever way you look at it, landing up in the belly of a fish is a sad end for a prophet to come to. It wasn't the end for Jonah, just another chapter in a troubled life. This book will take you to the heart of Jonah's experiences. Through the skills of the storyteller, you will experience the ups and downs right there with him.
  • Cover scan of Scotland's Methodists
    Scotland's Methodists: A History
    Margaret Batty - Paperback - John Donald
    This book traces the origins and evolution of Methodism in Scotland, through the breakaway 'Connexions' of the 19th century to war-time and ecumenical activity in the 20th century.
  • Cover scan of The Friendship Book 2011
    The Friendship Book 2011
    - Hardback - D.C. Thomson
    'The Friendship Book' has been a firm favourite with readers for 70 years. It contains verses to enjoy, uplifting quotes and stories to warm the heart. There's something special for every single day of the year.

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