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  • Cover scan of Fox
    Jim Crumley - Hardback - Saraband
    Renowned nature writer Jim Crumley gets up close and personal with some of Britain's most iconic and loved animals. With his inimitable passion and vision, Jim describes some of his most memorable encounters with British wildlife - and reveals the startling ways they continually adapt to the relentless encroachment of humans on their habitats.
  • Flora of Renfrewshire cover
    The Flora Of Renfrewshire
    K. J. Watson - Hardback - Pisces
    This title features the flora of the Vice County of Renfrewshire. It marks the culmination of over 50 years of field recording by local botanists and over 18 years of fieldwork and in-depth search of historical records by the author.
  • Cover scan of Food For Free
    Food For Free
    Richard Mabey - Paperback - HarperCollins
    This new edition provides a portable guide for all those who enjoy what the countryside has to offer. Over 100 edible plants are featured together with recipes and other interesting culinary information. There is also advice on how to pick plus the countryside laws and regulations on picking wild plants.
  • Cover scan of Flight Of The Wild Geese
    Flight Of The Wild Geese
    Graham Uney - Paperback - Whittles
    The author follows the migration of the wild barnacle geese from their over-wintering grounds on the Solway Firth across northern seas to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle taking in remote islands and vast sea channels along the way.
  • Cover scan of Fossils Alive!, Or, New Walks In An Old Field
    Fossils Alive!: A Series Of Ten Illustrated Time-Travel Excursions Into The Geological Past, Experiencing The Faunas And Floras, Lakes And Rivers, Geysers And Volcanoes That Have Contributed To The Ancient History Of Scotland
    N. H. Trewin - Hardback - Dunedin
    Travel back millions of years in time to join wildlife safaris and visit, as though a time-traveller, ancient environments teeming with life. As the fossils come alive experience and understand the fauna and landscapes to be seen at ten localities in the geological past of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Foxes
    Foxes: The Blood Is Wild
    Bridget MacCaskill - Paperback - Luath
    Part of the Luath Wild Lives series, this book presents an account of the rescue and upbringing of two orphaned fox cubs, providing an insight into the ongoing struggle between man and animals.