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  • Cover scan of Hidden Nature
    Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights Of Viktor Schauberger
    Alick Bartholomew - Paperback - Floris
    This work describes and explains Schauberger's insights in contemporary, accessible language. His discoveries - which address issues such as sick water, ailing forests, climate change and renewable energy - have dramatic implications for how we should work with nature and its resources.
  • Cover scan of Troublemakers
    Troublemakers: The Struggle For Environmental Justice In Scotland
    Kevin Dunion - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    Environmentalist Kevin Dunion argues for a sustained challenge to environmental injustice in Scotland. This text offers an insight into the nature of environmental campaigning in Scotland and draws on international as well as Scottish case studies.
  • Cover scan of Rising Tides
    Rising Tides: A History And Future Of The Environmental Movement
    Rory Spowers - Paperback - Canongate
    This is an examination of the factors that have shaped the history of ecological thought, from the Genesis myth through to the present day. It exposes the flaws in a political and economic system that believes in unlimited economic growth.
  • Cover scan of Scotland After The Ice Age
    Scotland After The Ice Age: An Environmental And Archaeological History, 8000 BC - AD 1000
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    Gathering environmental, ecological, historical, geological, and archaeological evidence, this text charts the environmental transformation of Scotland from the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago to the Viking invasions of an established society 9000 years later.
  • Cover scan of Who Owns Britain
    Who Owns Britain
    Kevin M. Cahill - Paperback - Canongate
    'Who Owns Britain' is a revealing examination of the nation's most valuable asset - its land. It reveals how aristocratic names who own millions of acres have maintained their grip on the land of Britain throughout the 20th century.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Woodland History
    Scottish Woodland History
    - Paperback - Scottish Cultural
    This book deals with both the old Caledonian pine forests and the deciduous woods, and discusses how people have used and misused them over the centuries.
  • Cover scan of The Origins Of The Organic Movement
    The Origins Of The Organic Movement
    Philip Conford - Paperback - Floris
    This historical work covers the formation of the organic movement. It gives an informative explanation of the political background, which is now relevant to topical issues concerning organic farming.
  • Cover scan of The Highland Clearances
    The Highland Clearances
    John Prebble - Paperback - Penguin
    Following his reconstruction of the moorland battle in Culloden, John Prebble recounts how the Highlanders were deserted and then betrayed into famine and poverty. While the chiefs grew rich, the people died of cholera or famine.
  • Cover scan of Nature Contested
    Nature Contested: Environmental History In Scotland And Northern Ireland Since 1600
    T. C. Smout - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This work deals with four centuries of conflict over some of the most valued landscapes in Europe. Based on a series of lectures given by the author at Oxford University in 1999, it combines social and cultural history with ecology and geography.
  • Cover scan of Earthwise
    Earthwise: Environmental Crafts And Activities With Young Children
    Carol Petrash - Paperback - Floris
    In Earthwise, Carol Petrash shows how to teach children about their dependence on the Earth. Using a series of activities children learn how to be creators and not just consumers whilst learning real respect for the planet and its resources.

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