Doric Scots Books

  • Cover scan of Buchan Claik
    Buchan Claik: The Saat And The Glaar O't - Peter Buchan; David Toulmin - Paperback
    Although Buchan Claik is presented alphabetically, it is more than a dictionary. It is a hoard of words, sayings, proverbs, rhymes and reminiscences from the North-East of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Dash O Doric - One For The Road
    Dash O Doric - One For The Road - Robbie Shepherd; Norman Harper - Paperback
    In this book, the third in the perennially popular Dash o Doric series, Robbie Shepherd and Norman Harper continue their fascinating tour of the wit and wisdom of the North-East, showing that the wells of humour in this part of Scotland are far from dry.
  • Cover scan of Doric For Swots
    Doric For Swots: A Course For Advanced Students - Douglas Kynoch - Paperback
    This sequel to Teach yourself Doric provides a course in the dialect for the more advanced student. The extracts used are drawn from North-east literature, covering several regional areas and many different periods of time.
  • Cover scan of Fit Like Yer Majesty?
    Fit Like Yer Majesty?: A Book Of Doric Poems - Paperback
    'Fit Like Yer Majesty?' is a joyful celebration of the culture and linguistic heritage of North East Scotland that will bring pleasure to readers of all ages.
  • Cover scan of Lang May Yer Lum Reek
    Lang May Yer Lum Reek: A Collection Of Doric Proverbs, Sayings And Rhymes - Paperback
    “Thousands” (well, over 1,250!) of proverbs, sayings and rhymes from the North-east of Scotland, encapsulating much of the culture, language and humour of the area.
  • Cover scan of Magic Mo-Ments
    Magic Mo-Ments - Moreen Simpson - Paperback
    'Magic Moments' is a selection of some of the best of journalist Moreen Simpson's columns from the 'Evening Express' newspaper in Aberdeen. For more than a decade, Moreen's Friday night 'ramblings', as she calls them - peppered with her native Doric dialect - have been delighting readers.
  • Cover scan of Robbie Shepherd's Doric Columns
    Robbie Shepherd's Doric Columns - Robbie Shepherd - Paperback
    A collection of over 50 of Robbie's 'Press and Journal' columns, this book showcases Robbie's wry observation and humour expressed in the Doric tongue.