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  • Cover scan of The Chagall Winnocks Wi Ither Scots Poems And Ballants O Europe
    The Chagall Winnocks Wi Ither Scots Poems And Ballants O Europe - Tom Hubbard - Hardback
    From the forests of Finland to the plain of Lombardy, from a Scottish beach to a river island in Hungary, Tom Hubbard deploys the riches of the Scots language to explore the tragicomic space we call Europe.
  • Cover scan of Sangs Tae Eimhir
    Sangs Tae Eimhir - Somhairle MacGill-Eain - Paperback
    This title collects Scots and Gaelic versions of Sorley MacLean's 'Dáin do Eimhir'.
  • Cover scan of Scots Poems For Children
    Scots Poems For Children: An Anthology - Paperback
    This illustrated anthology has been selected from the whole range of Scots poetry. A celebration of the richness and vigour of the Scots language, this lyrical selection of over 70 entertaining poems is sure to appeal across the generations.
  • Cover scan of A Back End Winnow
    A Back End Winnow: Poems And Prose Poems - Ian Balfour Kerr - Paperback
    Ian Balfour Kerr was born in Australia but subsequently brought up and schooled in rural Scotland. This is a collection of his poems and prose poems.
  • Cover scan of Life Sentence
    Life Sentence: More Poems Chiefly In The Scots Dialect - Rab Wilson - Paperback
    'Life Sentence' follows on from Rab Wilson's groundbreaking collection of poems 'Accent of the Mind'. In this new collection he investigates ancient Scottish legends, conflicts throughout history and contemporary political issues.
  • Cover scan of The Best Laid Schemes
    The Best Laid Schemes: Selected Poetry And Prose Of Robert Burns - Robert Burns - Paperback
    'The Best Laid Schemes' contains both Burns' best-loved works and rediscovered verse, previously unavailable, as well as letters to and from the poet
  • Cover scan of New Poems Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect
    New Poems Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect - Paperback
    12 leading Scottish poets were asked to supply a selection of new work appropriate to Robert Burns' title 'Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect'. Their responses are full of surprises.
  • Cover scan of At the Pynt o the Pick
    At The Pynt O The Pick And Other Poems - T. S. Law - Hardback
    This book contains selected poems by T.S. Law, accompanied by critical and biographical essays, notes and a Scots glossary.
  • Cover scan of Accent O The Mind
    Accent O The Mind: Poems, Chiefly In The Scots Language - Rab Wilson - Paperback
    This collection of poems from Rab Wilson written predominantly in Lallans, encompasses the variety of modern Scottish life, touching on diverse aspects such as supermarket shopping, morris dancing, text messaging and reflecting on Scotland's mining communities.
  • Cover scan of Kate O Shanter's Tale
    Kate O Shanter's Tale: And Other Poems - Matthew Fitt - Paperback
There were 19 books found.
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