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  • Cover scan of Scottish Rock
    Scottish Rock
    Gary Latter - Paperback - Pesda
    This volume covers a proliferation of Scottish crags north of the natural demarcation of the Great Glen. It features selected climbs in Applecross, Torridon, Isle of Skye, Gairloch, Goigach and Assynt, Sutherland, Caithness, Lewis and Harris, Pabbay and Mingulay, and Orkney.
  • Cover scan of Showdown
    Showdown: The Inside Story Of The Gleneagles Ryder Cup
    Iain Carter - Hardback - Elliott and Thompson
    Iain Carter tells the inside story of an enthralling contest: from the build-up, including the appointment of both captains and the assembly of their teams, through to the dramas of the week at Gleneagles.
  • Cover scan of Alex Ferguson
    Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography
    Alex Ferguson - Paperback - Hodder
    Sir Alex announced his retirement as manager of Manchester United after 27 years in the role. He has gone out in a blaze of glory, with United winning the Premier League for the 13th time, and he is widely considered to be the greatest manager in the history of British football. Over the last quarter of a century there have been seismic changes at Manchester United. The only constant element has been the quality of the manager's league-winning squad and United's run of success, which included winning the Champions League for a second time in 2008. This book tells his story.
  • Cover scan of The Sunlit Summit
    The Sunlit Summit
    Robin Lloyd-Jones - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    William Hutchison Murray was one of Scotland's most distinguished climbers in the years before and after the Second World War. As a prisoner of war in Italy he wrote his first classic book, 'Mountaineering in Scotland', on rough toilet paper which was confiscated and destroyed by the Gestapo. The rewritten version was published in 1947 and followed by the, now, equally famous, 'Undiscovered Scotland'. This book profiles the life of this most noteworthy individual.
  • Cover scan of Slim Jim
    Slim Jim: Simply The Best
    Tom Miller - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Jim Baxter was one of Scotland's greatest-ever football players, a left-footed wonder who became a Rangers icon and a leading member of the celebrated Scotland side of the 1960s. In this insightful biography, Tom Miller takes an in-depth look at the legend known as Slim Jim.
  • Cover scan of Big Jock
    Big Jock: The Real Jock Wallace
    David Leggat - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Jock Wallace wasn't just one of Scotland's outstanding football managers - he was a legend. A larger-than-life character, a giant of a man and a real-life hero, Wallace lived an extraordinary life. Though only an average goalkeeper who never made it as a player, he lived the football dream when he went on to manage Rangers twice, winning a whole host of trophies, including two Trebles in three seasons in the mid-seventies. But the road to the top was a tough one for big Jock, including a spell as a jungle fighter with the King's Own Scottish Borderers in war-torn Malaya, and in his fifties he was struck down by Parkinson's disease. In the end, the strain proved too much even for Wallace and he died of a heart attack aged only sixty-two. In this biography, David Leggat, one of the few journalists who was close to Big Jock, tells his incredible story.
  • Cover scan of Throne Of Games
    Throne Of Games
    Paul Harrie - Paperback - Freight
    Summer is at an end in the 20 kingdoms and Sir Fergie, King of the House Manc, originally from a terrible northern land beyond the Wall and famous for his devastating use of his favourite torture weapon, the Hairdryer, is finally ailing. He must seek a successor before he dies. He has ruled House Manc for longer than anyone can remember, as far back as the mythical time known as 'the 80s', before even Sky Sports was invented. Step forward trusty lieutenant, Lord Moyes of Evertonia, annointed by Sir Fergie as the 'Chosen One'. The enrages southern usurper, Mourinho, the self-styled 'Special One', who howls from dawn till dusk, vowing eternal revenge, although he later denies this in the media. Will Lord Moyes manage to retain unity amongst the feared but somewhat over-the-hill Knights of Manc?
  • Cover scan of The Guardiola Effect
    The Guardiola Effect: The Inside Story Of Pep Guardiola's First Season At Bayern Munich
    Martí Perarnau - Paperback - Arena Sport
    With 14 trophies to his name and his legend established for building what many believe to be the greatest team of all time, Pep Guardiola quit FC Barcelona in July 2012 to take a year-long sabbatical from football. After months of being feted by club owners around the world desperate for his signature, Guardiola made a surprise move by signing for German superclub Bayern Munich in January 2013, as Bayern were in the midst of securing an historic Treble. Taking over at a club enjoying such success seemed to many pundits to be an impossible and thankless task - where could Guardiola possibly take them next?
  • Cover scan of The Secret Agent
    The Secret Agent: Inside The World Of The Football Agent
    - Paperback - Arena Sport
    From mere coffee boy, to lowly scout, to multi-million pound wheeler dealer with the Big Four and the cream of the clubs in the UEFA Champions League: this book charts the Secret Agent's fast and furious progress through the dressing rooms, board rooms and bedrooms during the most recent days of the premier league.
  • Cover scan of Essential Fontainebleau
    Essential Fontainebleau
    - Paperback - Stone Country
    This guide introduces the climber to the magical bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau. Every climber should visit Fontainebleau at least once in their life - the beauty of the forest and the sculpted sandstone boulders attract climbers from around the planet keen to test their technique and ability on stones shaped as though for the very soul of a climber.

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