Celebrating Tartan Week 2006

April 6th, 2006, sees America celebrate Tartan Day, the culmination of a week long celebration of the strong ties that bind Scotland and America. About a fifth of our customers live in either the USA or Canada.

This month also sees the launch of Luath Press's Scots in the USA, by Jenni Calder, so what better time to gather together the books, people and the links?

Scots in America

Our reading guide The Scots in America features the best books written about the impact Scots men and women have made on America, from the founding fathers to the present day.

We've also secured an exclusive extract from Edinburgh University Press' new Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, and have selected three very different Scotswomen who made their names in Canada and the USA.

From Luath Press, we have an extract from Global Scots: Voices from Afar. Kenny MacAskill MSP and Henry McLeish MSP interview Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products in Los Angeles.

Tartan Week in New York and Washington DC

Scottish Book Trust is holding a wide-ranging and ambitious programme of events for Tartan Week 2006. Check out the details of the New York and Washington DC events on our News pages.

The Languages and Literary Culture of Scotland

Scottish Language Dictionaries ran an exhibit called The Languages and Literary Culture of Scotland, supporting the work of the Scottish Book Trust and the Scottish Publisher's Association. Books, flyers and information was provided boost the profile of the Scots language and literature at Tartan Week. Some new Scottish books were provided, and proved very popular with exhibition goers needing to rest their feet!
Scottish Language Dictionaries was supported by the Scottish Executive.

Martin MacIntyre

BooksfromScotland.com asked Gaelic and English language novelist and storyteller Martin MacIntyre to report on his Tartan Week experience.

  • Cover scan of The Biographical Dictionary Of Scottish Women
    The Biographical Dictionary Of Scottish Women: From The Earliest Times To 2004 - Hardback
    This biographical dictionary presents the lives of individual Scottish women from earliest times to 2004. It explores the experience of women from every class and category in Scotland and the worldwide Scottish diaspora. Each entry seeks to tell a story rather than simply offering information.
  • Cover scan of Global Scots
    Global Scots - Kenny MacAskill; Henry McLeish - Paperback
    Looking at the fascinating lives of a fraction of Scotland's expat community, this book explores how they feel about - their home country that helped shape them, the motivations they had for moving away, and the perspectives (both good and bad) that distance has lent them of the land they left behind.
  • Cover scan of Scots In The USA
    Scots In The USA - Jenni Calder - Paperback
    The experiences of Scottish settlers in the United States varied enormously, as did their attitudes to the lifestyles that they left behind and those they began anew once they arrived in North America. This work discusses why they left Scotland, where they went once they reached the US, and what they did when they got there.
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BooksfromScotland.com will be attending Tartan Week 2006 alongside other Scottish literary organisations, including Scottish Book Trust, Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature, The Scottish Poetry Library and Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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