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Fractured West is a new print magazine for flash fiction. What is flash fiction? It's fiction for people who find the traditional short story too long! A word limit of just 500 words forces the writer to pare down their language and story to just the central idea.

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We love reading and writing flash fiction because the short form allows for experimentation: to play with structure and language in a way that might not work in a longer story. We find a lot of short stories unnecessarily long! Often the best stories can be told in the fewest words.

Although we're based in Scotland, the magazine is definitely international. We publish writers from all over the world, and we're very open-minded in terms of location, background, and way of life. We want to hear from people who are not like us: who can show us the world in a new way.

We're particularly interested in new, unpublished, and emerging writers, though we also welcome submissions from more established writers. We don't want to be prescriptive in terms of what we're looking for: literary, genre, non-narrative and experimental works are all welcome. If we love it, we'll publish it!

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