Valve: A Literary Journal

From its humble origins in a university lecture room, Valve Journal is one of the most ambitious and highly-anticipated projects in Glaswegian literature. Featuring an expansive and diverse range of poetry, prose and non-fiction, the journal is the collective efforts of a group of emerging writers with the shared goal of making their mark on the continually evolving and vibrant culture of Scottish writing.

All of Valve's contributors met at Strathclyde University’s Journalism and Creative Writing course. Having spent the last four years reading and engaging with each other’s work, they now intend to immortalise their time together by collating all of their best work into a single publication.

In the space of a few short months, the team has seen Valve transform from few scribbles on a whiteboard to a completed manuscript which is bursting with character.

Published by award-winning design company Freight, publishers of Gutter, Scotland’s top-selling literary journal, Valve is set to make a lasting impression in the world of Scottish writing. Visit the Valve Journal website for more info, or to pre-order your copy of Valve.

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