Poetry Aid from Kona Macphee

A Crieff-based poet has come up with an unusual solution to the problem of what to do with her unsold books.

Rather than letting them gather dust in her publisher’s warehouse, Kona MacPhee is planning to buy the remaining copies of her poetry collection Tails at a discounted author’s price and then sell them on personally at cover price, donating all profits to UNICEF.

The poet, raised in Australia but now living in Perthshire, will also donate all future royalties to the charity.

She hopes to achieve three things from the campaign; raising money for UNICEF, supporting her publisher (the poetry imprint Bloodaxe) and gaining a wider readership for her poems.

Cover image of Tails

You can buy Tails, a lyrical and highly original collection first published in 2004, directly from Kona's website as well as reading reviews and excerpts.

Kona Macphee