Bright Red: Publisher of the Month

Bright Red Publishing is a brand new educational publishing company, formed at the beginning of 2008 as a completely independent organisation, producing course and revision books for Scotland’s teachers and students, to support the Scottish curriculum.

Bright Red Publishing Logo

Bright Red Publishing came into being after four like-minded individuals with a passion for producing accessible, contemporary and engaging educational materials of the highest quality for Scotland - and about half a century of experience in publishing between them - decided it was time to put their money where their collective mouth was and set about creating a company that would be able to respond quickly and effectively to the many ongoing changes in Scottish education, free from the shackles of profit-driven share-holders and head offices 400 miles away.

Our plan to become the only major independent Scottish educational publisher - based in and run entirely from Scotland - is based on developing books that are colourful, fresh, bright, comprehensive and as easy as possible to use. We realise this plan with the help of feedback from as many of Scotland’s teachers, students, and education professionals as we can speak to. If we can produce books that will inspire young minds to think creatively and achieve their full potential, then we will have succeeded in many of our aims.

We are determined that Bright Red Publishing will be a positive and self-sustaining publishing company, with the highest value placed on the people we work with and the relationships we build in the course of our business.

We will always aim to ensure consideration and best practice to suppliers, partners and customers, and will make every effort to be ethical and to act with both a social conscience and environmental awareness.

In short, we aim to run our business with the same standards and responsibilities that we live our lives. Being independent gives us an opportunity to choose to do this. If you visit our website at you will not only be able to read more about us and our brilliant new books, but also about the processes we have put in place to ensure that our standards are not allowed to slip.

Below is some information about some of our new titles:

BrightRED Revision: Higher Computing
by Alan Williams

BrightRed Revision Higher Computing

One of the first two titles published by Bright Red Publishing, a completely up-to-date revision guide covering both of the compulsory units and all three of the optional units, this, along with BrightRED Revision: Higher Physics, below, is the first bespoke Higher Revision guide to be produced in full colour for Scottish students.

BrightRED Revision: Higher Physics
by John Taylor

BrightRed Revision Higher Physics

The other inaugural BrightRED Revision title, written by an experienced Scottish author, and covering all the essential information for the Higher Physics course. The book is full colour, and has sections covering Scientific Quantities and Measures, Dealing with Uncertainties, as well as Questions, Formulae and Physical Quantities.

BrightRED Results: Standard Grade English
by David Cockburn

BrightRed Results Standard Grade English

This will be the first Standard Grade title from Bright Red, and will be published in November. This book will provide students with the skills and information they need to achieve the results that they are capable of in the Standard Grade exam, and works through questions from all of the course areas of the exam, focusing on the skills that are required.

BrightRED Results: Standard Grade Biology
by Fred Thornhill et al

BrightRed Results Standard Grade Biology

Also to be published in November, this title will equip students with the tools they need to really make the most of their knowledge in the Standard Grade exam. Written by the SQA exam team, this book is full colour, attractive and engaging, this book identifies the most common General and Credit questions, and provides model answers, with full working where appropriate, along with explanations of how the answers are reached.

BrightRED Excel: CfE Health & Wellbeing (S1 pupil book)
by Malcolm Thorburn

Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing

This is one of the first titles from the new BrightRED Excel range, created to support students and teachers with the new Curriculum for Excellence. This is a text book for the first S1 Curriculum for Excellence students and will be published in summer 2009 in time for their course beginning. It will be a task- and activity-based full colour pupil book written to help teachers to make the transition to the new curriculum.

  • Cover scan of Bright Red Higher Computing
    Higher Computing - Alan Williams - Paperback
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive guide on how to achieve the best possible results in the Higher computing exam.
  • Cover scan of Bright Red Higher Physics
    Higher Physics - John Taylor - Paperback
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive guide on how to achieve the best possible results in the Higher physics exam.
  • Cover scan of Bright Red Standard Grade Biology
    Standard Grade Biology - Paperback
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive guide on how to achieve the best possible results in the Standard Grade biology exam.
  • Cover scan of Bright Red Standard Grade English
    Standard Grade English - David Cockburn - Paperback
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive guide on how to achieve the best possible results in the Standard Grade English exam.