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Edinburgh University Press is a forward-looking university press. Founded over fifty years ago, the Press became a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Edinburgh in 1992 and is based at the heart of the university in George Square.

George Square

The Press has a reputation for publishing books and journals of a high quality – in content and production – in the humanities and social sciences. Recently we have focussed our editorial efforts to the core subject areas of American Studies, Ancient History, Film, Media & Cultural Studies, Islamic Studies, Language and Linguistics, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Politics and Scottish Studies. Through the publication of original research and key undergraduate texts, EUP has established itself as an important presence in each of these areas.

Scots and the Union

Scotland has a long tradition of furthering learning and intellectual debate and promoting awareness of new ideas. Edinburgh University Press is part of that heritage and within Scottish Studies the Press has the flexibility to reach beyond academic studies and textbooks to be the pre-eminent publisher of serious books about Scotland. Christopher Whatley’s The Scots and the Union, published in hardback in October 2006, has made a significant contribution to the debates surrounding the 300th anniversary of the Union. A paperback edition will be published in July. (Read an extract from Chapter 2)

The Wars of Scotland

Chronicling the history of Scotland, The New Edinburgh History of Scotland, a ten volume history of Scotland, will cover every aspect of its history from the earliest times to the present day. Volume 4, The Wars of Scotland, 1214-1371, was shortlisted for the Saltire Society Scottish History Book of the Year Award in 2005. Look out for two further volumes in the autumn – From Pictland to Alba, 789-1070 and Scotland Re-formed, 1488-1587. Meanwhile at the frontline of Scottish politics, recent books include Scottish Government and Politics, Holyrood: The Inside Story, and Has Devolution Delivered?, a critique of Scottish devolution.

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

EUP are the publishers of the definitive edition of Sir Walter Scott, the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels. Recent additions to the series include Count Robert of Paris and Castle Dangerous. We also publish The Collected Works of James Hogg, bringing many wonderful books back into print in both hard and paperback. Hogg was well-known in his day, but is now famous only for The Private Memoirs and Confessions of Justified Sinner. Browse the site for his other classics such as Altrive Tales, The Shepherd’s Calendar and The Queen’s Wake.

Edinburgh University Press also has a growing list of journals, many of which are published on behalf of prestigious, well-established Learned Institutions and Societies. Key journals with a focus on Scotland include The Scottish Historical Review, Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, The Innes Review, Journal of Scottish Philosophy and Edinburgh Law Review. For more information on these journals, or to subscribe, please visit the EUP website.

The Press is proud of its close working relationships with authors, journal editors and suppliers. We offer close personal attention from the commissioning stage through to cover design, publication and beyond.

Edinburgh University Press publications are available world-wide through our network of agents and sales representatives. In North America and Canada we co-publish most of our titles with an appropriate publisher or distribute them through our partners, Columbia University Press.

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Registered at Companies House Edinburgh on 9th day of July 1992
Company Registration No. SC139

  • Cover scan of Altrive Tales
    Altrive Tales: Collected Among The Peasantry Of Scotland And From Foreign Adventurers - James Hogg - Paperback
    Including a reading list and a Hogg chronology, this edition of 'Altrive Tales' presents one of the greatest achievements by one of Scotland's finest storytellers.
  • Cover scan of Castle Dangerous
    Castle Dangerous - Walter Scott - Hardback
    Set in 1306 during the Wars of Independence, English heiress Lady Augusta de Berkely has promised to marry Sir John de Walton if he can defend the strategically vital Castle of Douglas against Robert the Bruce and Sir James Douglas for a year and a day.
  • Cover scan of Count Robert Of Paris
    Count Robert Of Paris - Walter Scott - Hardback
    Set during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus, this novel focuses on the arrival of the first Crusaders in 1096. During the oath-taking ceremony on the eve of the Crusade, the haughty Count Robert insults the Emperor by seating himself on the imperial throne.
  • Cover scan of From Pictland To Alba, 789-1070
    From Pictland To Alba - Alex Woolf - Paperback
    This volume charts the transformation of the political landscape of northern Britain between the middle of the eighth and the middle of the eleventh centuries.
  • Cover scan of Has Devolution Delivered?
    Has Devolution Delivered? - Paperback
    The editors draw upon a range of Scottish election studies and Scottish social attitudes surveys to explore the early success- or otherwise- of devolution in changing the way people feel about their country and the way they are governed.
  • Cover scan of Holyrood
    Holyrood: The Inside Story - Susan Bain - Paperback
    Powerful, thought-provoking and thoroughly researched, this book explores in great depth the story of Holyrood itself: the first years of devolution and the nature of modern Scotland - stories for which the Holyrood building has become a potent and revealing metaphor.
  • Cover scan of The Private Memoirs And Confessions Of A Justified Sinner, Written By Himself
    The Private Memoirs And Confessions Of A Justified Sinner, Written By Himself: With A Detail Of Curious Traditionary Facts And Other Evidence By The Editor - James Hogg - Paperback
    This now-famous book was given a hostile reception when it first appeared in 1824. This new edition provides annotations to add to the understanding of the work.
  • Cover scan of The Queen's Wake
    The Queen's Wake: A Legendary Tale - James Hogg - Paperback
    'The Queen's Wake' is one of the landmarks of British Romantic poetry. It focuses on the return of Mary, Queen of Scots to Scotland in 1561 to take personal rule of her kingdom after years in France. The text presents both the first and fifth editions of the poem to allow the reader to compare the two.
  • Cover scan of The Scots And The Union
    The Scots And The Union - Christopher A. Whatley - Hardback
    'The Scots and the Union' traces the background of the Treaty of Union of 1707, explains why it happened and assesses its impact on Scottish society, including the bitter struggle with the Jacobites for acceptance of the Union in the two decades that foll
  • Cover scan of Scottish Government And Politics
    Scottish Government And Politics - Peter Lynch - Paperback
    This work provides a descriptive and analytical introduction to Scottish government and politics. It covers the emergence of the Scottish parliament and its impact on politics and political actors such as the media, political parties and pressure groups.
  • Cover scan of The Wars Of Scotland
    The Wars Of Scotland: Scotland, 1214-1371 - Michael Brown - Paperback
    Between the mid-13th and mid-14th centuries, Scotland experienced a period of crisis, as she struggled to maintain her position as a distinct realm and community. This volume describes the wars of the period and examines their impact on the anglicized and gaelicized worlds of the British Isles.

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