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Floris Books, based in Edinburgh, was founded in 1978. We publish non-fiction titles on religion, science, Celtic studies, language and anthroposophy, as well as children's fiction and activity books. Floris are the largest Scottish publisher of children's books, including the Kelpies imprint.

Originally set up to publish books for the Steiner-Waldorf movement, Floris have since expanded and evolved into a successful independent publishing house with a much wider list. Managing Director Christian Maclean has been involved with Floris since it was first conceived in 1977, when he owned a bookshop on Morningside Road.

Extreme Weather

Recent highlights of the non-fiction list have been Extreme Weather by Peter Bunyard, a very timely book on climate change and freak weather, and Getting the Point: A Panic-Free Guide to English Punctuation for Adults by Jenny Haddon and Elizabeth Hawksley, which is everything it says on the tin plus more! Forthcoming titles include an exploration of our modern scientific culture, Nature's Due by Brian Goodwin, acclaimed author of How the Leopard Changed Its Spots, and the eagerly anticipated second edition of Time Stands Still: New Light on Megalithic Science, by Keith Critchlow. Also, following on from the popular Ecovillages: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Communities we are publishing Jan Martin Bang's sequel, Growing Eco-Communities: Practical Ways to Create Sustainability, a title which, along with the first book, will appeal to anyone interested in sustainable living and alternative lifestyles.

Ortha nan Gàidheal

The Celtic studies list has a strong Scottish element and the most recent addition is the long awaited bilingual edition of Ortha nan Gàidheal. This is a complete six-volume facsimile boxed set of Alexander Carmichael's Carmina Gadelica in Gaelic and English. Other related titles are Carmina Gadelica: Hymns and Incantations, a selection from Carmichael's compilation in English, and The Celtic Gift of Nature: Illustrated Selections from the Carmina Gadelica in Gaelic and English. All three of these books make beautiful gifts, for fans of Gaelic and Celtic culture, art and song.

Floris publish hardback picture books which have enduring popularity all over the world. A recent best-selling title, Uan the Little Lamb, by Sandra Klaassen is set in the Outer Hebrides and tells the story of two children who take care of an orphaned lamb.


Kelpies Logo

The Kelpies imprint was acquired by Floris, from Canongate, in 2001. Since then, classic titles, loved by generations of children, have been re-printed so they can be enjoyed by children today. Classic Kelpies include The Boy with the Bronze Axe, set in Skara Brae on Orkney, and The Desperate Journey, an exciting tale of the Highland Clearances, both by Kathleen Fidler. This spring we are reprinting Frances Hendry's Quest for a Kelpie, which won the very first BBC Quest for a Kelpie Award, a precurser to the Kelpies Prize launched by Floris in 2005. The Witches' Mark, by Donald Lightwood, is a newly published addition to the Classic series.

Flash The Sheepdog

In addition to the Classic Kelpies, Floris also publish a Young Kelpies list and Contemporary Kelpies, a list for brand new Scottish fiction for 9 to 12 year olds. A forthcoming Young Kelpie is Kathleen Fidler's Flash the Sheepdog, due out in May.

Contemporary Kelpies includes the best-selling Chaos Clock, Chaos Quest and Winterbringers by Gill Arbuthnott, Dragonfire by Anne Forbes and Chill by Alex Nye. Other books are the winner of the first Kelpies prize, a modern mystery about missing moggies, Catscape by Mike Nicholson, and the exciting espionage thriller The Hill of the Red Fox by Allan Campbell McLean. All these books are set in various locations around Scotland, from Edinburgh to Skye. Dragonfire is set largely around (and under!) Arthur's Seat and its many fans from all locations will be delighted to know that the sequel, Wings of Ruksh, is due out in April. This new book will not disappoint, being as full of fun-filled fantasy as the first.

The Kelpies Prize was created in 2005 to encourage exciting new contemporary fiction for pre-teens that has an identifiably Scottish feel, without the twee tartan and bagpipes cliches. The prize is awarded annually, subject to suitable submissions.

Reading Round Edinburgh

2007 is an exciting year for Floris and we are proud, in our 30th year of publishing in Edinburgh, to be releasing a unique literary guidebook for children, Reading Round Edinburgh: A Guide to Children's Books of the City, in association with Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature. The book is edited by literary agents Lindsey Fraser and Kathryn Ross and has original contributions from many of Edinburgh's children's writers, including Joan Lingard, Mollie Hunter and Nicola Morgan. It also has an introduction by J. K. Rowling. Reading Round Edinburgh will be launched in April. Look out for special promotional offers and events.

  • Cover scan of The Boy With The Bronze Axe
    The Boy With The Bronze Axe - Kathleen Fidler - Paperback
    Kali and Brockan are in trouble. They have been using their stone axes to chip limpets off the rocks, but they've gone too far out and find themselves trapped by the tides. Then, an unexpected rescuer appears, a strange boy in a strange boat, carrying a strangely sharp axe of a type they have never seen before.
  • Cover scan of The Chaos Clock
    The Chaos Clock - Gill Arbuthnott - Paperback
    In Edinburgh, where Kate and David live, time is coming unstuck and the past is breaking loose. Old Mr Flowerdew needs their help in the war between the Lords of Chaos and the Guardians of Time, which is centred around the mysterious Millennium Clock.
  • Cover scan of Charms Of The Gaels
    Carmina Gadelica: Hymns And Incantations - Paperback
    This is a collection of lyric poems and prayers from the Gaelic tradition of oral poetry, gathered from the highlands and islands of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Chill
    Chill - Alex Nye - Paperback
    Samuel is trapped by huge snow drifts in an old, remote house. And that's not the only thing causing a cold shiver to creep down his spine. He feels like the ghostly figure in the locked library has a message - but who is it for?
  • Cover scan of Dragonfire
    Dragonfire - Anne Forbes - Paperback
    Set against the backdrop of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Military Tattoo, this is a fast-paced comic adventure, full of magic, mahyem and mystery - and a dragon.
  • Cover scan of Ecovillages
    Ecovillages: A Practical Guide To Sustainable Communities - Jan Martin Bang - Paperback
    The author explores the background and history of the Ecovillages movement and provides a comprehensive manual for planning, establishing and maintaining a sustainable community. Issues discussed include leadership and conflict management, house design, building techniques, and food production.
  • Cover scan of Flash The Sheepdog
    Flash The Sheepdog - Kathleen Fidler - Paperback
    Tom Stokes is an orphan. His sister is going to America to get married, but where can he go? His only other relatives are an uncle and aunt he scarcely knows who live in the Borders of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Growing Eco-Communities
    Growing Eco-Communities: Practical Ways To Create Sustainability - Jan Martin Bang - Paperback
    In his first book 'Ecovillages', Jan Bang explained the principles & practice of setting up a sustainable community, including difficult decisions about management, design & architecture, farming & food, water, sewage, energy sources & economics. 'Growing Eco-Communities' looks at what comes next.
  • Cover scan of The Hill Of The Red Fox
    The Hill Of The Red Fox - Allan Campbell McLean - Paperback
    Alasdair uncovers a web of espionage after a chance meeting with a man on the train to Skye who slips him a desperate message.
  • Cover scan of Nature's Due
    Nature's Due: Healing Our Fragmented Culture - Brian C. Goodwin - Paperback
    Brian Goodwin, acclaimed author of 'How the Leopard Changed its Spots', argues for a view of nature as complex, interrelated networks of relationships. He proposes that, in order for us to once again work with nature to achieve true sustainability, we need to adopt a new science, new art and new economics.
  • Cover scan of Ortha Nan Gàidheal
    Ortha Nan Gàidheal: Carmina Gadelica In English And Gaelic, In Six Volumes - Boxed
    An anthology of poems and prayers from the Gaelic oral tradition, this set serves as a useful resource for those wanting to study and understand Gaelic culture, and for those wanting to experience the beauty and wisdom of its oral literature.
  • Cover scan of Quest For A Kelpie
    Quest For A Kelpie - Frances Mary Hendry - Paperback
    Jeannie Main, a fisher-lass from Nairn, is warned by a gypsy that she will make a king and break a king, and be in the shadow of the gibbet four times. Involved with both Jacobites and Hanoverians, Jeannie does indeed fulfil all the prophecies.
  • Cover scan of Reading Round Edinburgh
    Reading Round Edinburgh: A Guide To Children's Books Of The City - Paperback
    This volume is a guide to help children and adults discover Edinburgh and its children's books.
  • Cover scan of Time Stands Still
    Time Stands Still: New Light On Megalithic Science - Keith Critchlow - Paperback
    Keith Critchlow, an internationally-renowned scholar, has studied a wide range of Neolithic artefacts. In this book, he adopts a technique of cross-cultural comparison to uncover some previously unknown characteristics of the Neolithic peoples.
  • Cover scan of Uan The Little Lamb
    Uan The Little Lamb - Sandra Klaassen - Paperback
    On a remote Scottish island, two children find an abandoned lamb and take her home. They call her 'Uan', which in Gaelic means 'little lamb'. Slowly the lamb grows up and they love playing with her and taking her everywhere - but what will happen when she becomes a sheep?
  • Cover scan of The Wings Of Ruksh
    Wings Of Ruksh - Anne Forbes - Paperback
    From an Edinburgh literally cloaked in tartan, through the forbidding Highland hills, Neil and Clara set out with old and new friends on a perilous journey full of danger, daring - and a reluctant broomstick.

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