Floris and Kelpies - Publisher of the Month

At Floris Books, we see the world a little differently. Our adult non-fiction books cover all aspects of holistic and alternative living, including holistic health, organics and the environment, holistic education, mind body spirit, child health and development, self-help, religion and spirituality, and community living.

We're also the largest children's book publisher in Scotland, producing international picture books, activity books and the Kelpies range of Scottish children's fiction.


The Kelpies range, published by Floris Books since 2002, comprises over 40 children’s novels set in Scotland or with Scottish themes, suitable for children from 8 to 12-years-old. Recent Kelpie successes include First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts by Lari Don and Chill by Alex Nye, both winners of the prestigious Royal Mail Award for Younger Readers (8–11 years).

First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts, Lari Don’s debut children’s novel, quickly became a series with popular sequel, Wolf Notes and Other Musical Mishaps, published in 2009 and a third novel in progress. Lari Don has also written Rocking Horse War, an intriguing tale of dark magic and destiny set in 1920s Scotland, due for publication in late June.

Younger readers are not left out with the Young Kelpies range suitable for 6 to 9-years-olds. The Young Kelpies highlight of 2010 is the forthcoming publication of a new novel from Janey Louise Jones, author of the hugely-popular Princess Poppy series. Cloudberry Castle, published in September 2010, is a delightful ballet story, full of gorgeous girly charm. When Katie and her family inherit Cloudberry Castle, Katie would love to transform the crumbly old castle into a wonderful ballet school but her parents are determined to sell it. How can Katie stop them and make her dream come true?

The Kelpies Prize was created in 2005, to encourage new fiction for pre-teens that has an identifiably Scottish feel. The prize is awarded annually, subject to suitable submissions. Last year’s winner was Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest by storyteller Janis Mackay.

This year is also an exciting time for the Kelpies with the recent launch of Discover Kelpies, a new website specifically designed for children. This new dedicated website encourages children to discover more about the Kelpies books and find new favourites with no pressure to buy. Fun features include author interviews, quizzes and competitions. There is also a Kelpies blog to keep readers updated about recent events and breaking news.

Picture Kelpies

Bus Shelter advert for You Can't Play Here

You Can't Play Here! bus shelter advert in Edinburgh

April 2010 saw the launch of the Picture Kelpies range of original Scottish picture books suitable for 3 to 6-year-olds. The Picture Kelpies are a companion range to the Kelpies and both ranges share the same values of originality, quality and strong Scottish content. All Picture Kelpies have beautiful illustrations and engaging storylines in a hardwearing paperback format. The range was launched with three titles: The Big Bottom Hunt by Lari Don; My Cat Mac by Margaret Forrester and You Can’t Play Here! by Angus Corby. Three further Picture Kelpies titles will be published each season, with aim of creating a wonderful library of quality Scottish picture books.

Bus Shelter advert for My Cat Mac

My Cat Mac bus shelter advert in Edinburgh

The Picture Kelpies also have their own dedicated website which is designed specifically for use by 3 to 6-year-old children with adult supervision. Features include print out colouring pages, jokes, games and the Picture Kelpies gallery.

Floris Books are passionate about the strong Scottish content of the Kelpies and Picture Kelpies. By setting all our books in Scotland, or giving them strong Scottish themes, children living in Scotland can find books they can easily relate to.


The End of Money

Recent highlights of the non-fiction list include The End of Money and the Future of Civilization by Thomas J. Greco, a timely book which cuts to the heart of our current financial troubles, and Patterns of Eternity, which suggests that a newly discovered geometrical device with extraordinary mathematical powers could be no less than the source of the number system used when humanity first built cities.

When Wine Tastes Best

Floris Books also publish the annual Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar by Maria and Matthias Thun. This popular book, used extensively by biodynamic gardeners, was given a new twist when The Telegraph uncovered that wine buyers for major supermarkets consulted it in order to plan their wine tastings. This is based on the theory that wine will taste differently on different days as identified by the calendar. We were so intrigued by this idea that we decided to release When Wine Tastes Best 2010, a cut down version of the calendar, specifically designed for use by wine drinkers. This pocket sized guide will now be available annually alongside the Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar.

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