Archaeology of Scotland


Scotland has a remarkably rich and diverse archaeological heritage, reflected in the wide range of books available on the nation's archaeology. From the Wee Guide to Prehistoric Scotland [OP] to the definitive research titles from the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland there are books for every reader who wants to know more about the prehistory and early history of Scotland.

General Books

There are several wide-ranging book on Scottish archaeology, aimed at all types of readers. Scottish Prehistory [OP] by Richard Oram is a popular introduction with a gazetteer of sites to visit. Prehistoric Scotland [OP] by Ann MacSween and Mick Sharp is a well-illustrated account of one hundred of the most impressive monuments. Scotland, Archaeology and Early History by Graham and Anna Ritchie is another well-illustrated title, with a detailed account of excavations and finds by two professional archaeologists. Scotland After the Ice Age, 8000BC to AD1000, edited by Kevin Edwards and Ian Ralston, is aimed principally at students but is a very readable introduction to this long timespan from the first settlers in Scotland to the early medieval period. Historic Scotland [OP] by David Breeze is a fully illustrated guide telling the story of Scotland over 5000 years through the sites and buildings in the care of Historic Scotland, from Skara Brae in Orkney to a Victorian distillery.

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

The society was founded in 1783 to encourage 'the Study of The Antiquities and History of Scotland, more especially by means of archaeological research'. The society today is concerned with every aspect of the human past in Scotland. Their splendid publications are of interest to anyone with a serious interest in Scotland's past. Some titles, such as The Declaration of Arbroath edited by Geoffrey Barrow and The Stone of Destiny edited by David J. Breeze, Richard Wellander and Thomas Owen Clancy, will have a wide readership. They also publish the results of recent archaeological work including Excavation of Roman Sites at Cramond, Edinburgh [OP] by Nicholas Holmes.

  • Cover scan of Scotland After The Ice Age
    Scotland After The Ice Age: An Environmental And Archaeological History, 8000 BC - AD 1000 - Paperback
    Gathering environmental, ecological, historical, geological, and archaeological evidence, this text charts the environmental transformation of Scotland from the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago to the Viking invasions of an established society 9000 years later.
  • Cover scan of Scotland
    Scotland: Archaeology And Early History - Graham Ritchie; Anna Ritchie - Paperback
    This survey of Scotland's prehistoric and early historic archeaology covers the full chronological range from the earliest inhabitants to the union of the Picts and Scots in AD 843.