Recommended Book Sites

There are tons of book-based blogs and sites out there. Here are some of our favourites:


  • Catalogue all your books online on this books version of a social site. Not as dull as it sounds, and recommended if you have a memory that’s not as good as it was. Features an Unsuggester, the ‘World’s Worst Recommendation Engine’, which gives you the most unlikely books to read once you’ve fed in your favourites.

Project Gutenberg

  • An online resource for free ebooks. Is this the end of printed books? The jury's still out on that one.

Danuta Kean

  • A freelance arts journalist and publishing commentator with sharp things to say on the book trade, writers and the world of publishing.

  • A really useful site: brings together all the daily news stories on the arts; this is the publishing bit of the site.

Arts and Letters Daily

  • A US site, similar to artsjournal, changes every day, and features books very heavily.

Grumpy Old Bookman

  • Occasionally too grumpy for us, but his opinions are very perceptive.

Book/daddy: Jerome Weeks on books

  • A US site: this makes us laugh.

The Brocante Home Chronicles

  • A quirky and readable confessional blog/site by a woman called Alison May living in the North of England, featuring lots of scrumptious (her word) cookery and design/domestic living books. Nigella Lawson without the wealth/huge house/taxi habit.

Vulpes Libris

  • This fast-growing website mixes reviews, interviews and commentary with a friendly voice. Many Scottish authors and publishers are represented - for instance, they've scored a coup with an interview with Canongate's Jamie Byng