Winning Scottish Bookshelf

  • Cover scan of 1982, Janine
    1982, Janine - Alasdair Gray - Paperback
    A book about power and powerlessness, men and women, masters and servants, small countries and big countries and an exploration of the politics of pornography. A portrait of male need and inadequacy as explored via the lonely sexual fantasies of Jock McLeish, failed husband, lover and businessman.
  • Cover scan of Black & Blue
    Black & Blue - Ian Rankin - Paperback
    Rebus is juggling four cases trying to nail one killer - who might just lead back to the infamous Bible John. And he's doing it under the scrutiny of an internal inquiry led by a man he has just accused of taking backhanders from Glasgow's Mr Big.
  • Cover scan of Blood
    Blood - Janice Galloway - Paperback
    A collection of short stories in which the main subject is fear. Violence, both random and institutionalized, is seen as a constant threat, and a component of a society which seems designed to intimidate or exclude women.
  • Cover scan of The House With The Green Shutters
    The House With The Green Shutters - George Douglas Brown - Paperback
    This novel lays bare the seductive and crippling presence of patriarchal authority in Scottish culture at large, symbolised by the terrible struggle between old John Gourlay and his weak but imaginative son.
  • Cover of How Late It Was, How Late
    How Late It Was, How Late - James Kelman - Paperback
    Award-winning author Kelman's How Late It Was, How Late has been reissued. He renders the hidden depths of ordinary lives in sardonic, abrasive prose which, although gritty and realistic, is uplifting and positive.
  • Cover scan of The Master Of Ballantrae
    The Master Of Ballantrae: A Winter's Tale - Robert Louis Stevenson - Paperback
    The Master of Ballantrae opens in the old Scottish house of Durisdeer. Its adventure draws in sea voyages, piracy, buried treasure and centres on the fatal rivalry between two brothers and the kinswoman who loves one brother but marries the other.
  • Cover scan of Night Geometry And The Garscadden Trains
    Night Geometry And The Garscadden Trains - A. L. Kennedy - Paperback
    The heroes and heroines of this, A.L. Kennedy's first collection of stories, are small people. Often alone and sometimes lonely, her characters ponder the mysteries of sex and death - and the ability of public transport to affect our lives.
  • Cover scan of No Good Deed
    No Good Deed - Manda Scott - Paperback
    Orla McLeod knows too much about violence for her own good. She has tried to leave her past behind by retreating to the Hebrides, but then the man who destroyed her family and made Orla the woman she is today is released from prison.
  • Cover scan of Not Not While The Giro And Other Stories
    Not Not While The Giro - James Kelman - Paperback
    'Not Not While the Giro' is James Kelman's first major collection of short stories - originally published in 1983. It follows the lives of young men, social misfits, whose lives are spent waiting - waiting for their next giro or menial job - in the pub, the dole office, the snooker hall and the greyhound track.
  • Cover scan of Scotlands Of The Mind
    Scotlands Of The Mind - Angus Calder - Paperback
    This is a collection of essays exploring the Scottish psyche through a range of historical, literary and cultural interests that have shaped the Scotland of today. The text concludes with an evaluation of Scots language and literature.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Journey
    Scottish Journey - Edwin Muir - Paperback
    This is a perceptive and beautifully written account of one of Scotland's greatest modern writers of prose and poetry. Muir's journey took him from Edinburgh to the Lowlands, Glasgow and the Highlands.
  • Cover of Trainspotting
    Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh - Paperback
    'Trainspotting' is hilarious, and profane, riddled with drugs, drunks and bad behaviour and rich with flawed characters. The interwoven stories of a group of friends and junkies, it is a trip through the highs and lows of their lives.