Children's Events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008

Saturday 9th August

10.30am - Cathy Cassidy

Ginger Snaps by Cathy Cassidy

Cathy Cassidy, the queen of tween, is back with her trademark style and humour. Ginger has made it – she’s finally lost her baby fat and mastered her hair straighteners. Everything is changing, but is it changing for the better? Everyone will adore Cathy’s heartfelt stories and quirky characters; come along and delve into her delicious new novel Ginger Snaps.

1.30pm - Manfried the Baddie with John Fardell

Manfred the Baddie is the baddest baddie of the mall. He kidnaps inventors, steals from art museums and conducts acts of piracy on the high seas! Join author, illustrator and cartoonist John Fardell for a wickedly fun crime spree with his most villainous creation.

Sunday 10th August

12noon & 3pm - Poetry Time

Inspirational and entertaining poetry for all ages with award-winning Edinburgh poet and story writer Diana Hendry.

Tuesday 12th August

1.30pm - Joan Lingard

Ma Bigsby always swore she’d never have more than ten under her roof, but when Elfie appears on her doorstep there’s no turning back. The launch of a new novel by Joan Lingard is always cause for celebration – come and hear all about The Eleventh Orphan.

Wednesday 13th August

3pm - First Aid for Fiaries and Other Fabled Beasts

First Aid for Fairies by Lari Don

Join Lari Don as she dishes up a rich mix of fable and fiction and weaves it into an exciting race through Scotland’s diverse landscapes. Along the way, you’ll meet a thrilling array of creatures from mythology and folklore. If you love mystical fantasy, you’ll love this.

Thursday 14th August

11.30am - Oodles of Noodles with Diana Hendry

When Mrs Mungo gets a pasta machine it’s ‘noodles for dinner, noodles for tea, noodles for you and noodles for me!’ but the machine has a mind of its own and soon the whole town is totally noodled. A very silly romp with renowned children’s writer Diana Hendry and oodles and oodles of noodles!

Friday 15th August

3pm - Hamish McHaggis and the Lost Prince

Hamish McHaggis and the Lost Prince

Join Hamish McHaggis (the talking haggis!) and all his friends as they embark upon another exciting Scottish adventure, this time in search of the mysterious lost prince. Author Linda Strachan leads this interactive workshop starring her most famous creation.

6.30pm - Jackie Kay

Award-winning story writer and poet, Jackie Kay is a Book Festival favourite and her events are always profoundly entertaining. Her infectious enthusiasm and powerful lyrical style captivates all ages. Come and be inspired in an event spanning the world and contained inside a seashell.

Saturday 16th August

10am - Flying Cottages and Bags of Bones

Come for a spellbinding treat chock-full of evil queens, clumsy sidekicks, charming bats and cantankerous garden furniture with two great writers of fiction. Gracie Gillipot and Clover Twig are the enchanting, sprightly heroines of their chaotic, magical adventures which are ripe for discovery. With Vivian French and Kaye Umansky.

Sunday 17th August

10am - Tiddler & Tyrannosaurus Drip

Join the inimitable Julia Donaldson for an exciting performance of some of her most famous stories, featuring your favourite characters. Renowned not just for her writing but also for her magical events, Julia will bring cheer to the whole family. Come along, dress as your favourite character and join in!

1pm & 2pm - Scots Rhymes for Wee Folk

Bring your wee bairns for a rollicking singalong which will include all of your favourite Scots rhymes and stories. With Craigmillar Books for Babies. Maximum 4 tickets per booking.

Monday 18th August

10am - Stick Man with Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Join the super-talented team who brought you The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Tiddler for an exclusive look at their new book. With costumes, props and musical interludes, this show-stopping event will get your toes tapping and your heart racing!

10.30am - Julie Hegarty

Julie Hegarty – creator of the lively Michelle Crabbit series – launches her new book Uncle and Aunty Clockwise, a story which helps young children to tell the time. Join Julie and all her best-loved characters for this playful, interactive event. (Includes a peek at the latest Michelle title!)

2pm - Alexander McCall Smith

Akimbo and the Baboons

Both international phenomenon and genial storyteller, Alexander McCall Smith’s visits to the Book Festival are always much anticipated and cherished. His children’s stories such as Akimbo and the Elephants and The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean delight readers of all ages. Bring the family along for a fun-filled afternoon which includes a special look at his newest title Akimbo and the Baboons.

6.30pm - James Jauncey

The Reckoning by Jamie Jauncey

Be the first to hear exclusive pre-publication readings of The Reckoning, a gripping literary thriller in which eighteen year old Fin Carpenter finds something rotten at the heart of his remote island community. James Jauncey, the bright new voice of teen fiction who brought us last year’s The Witness, delivers another thrilling tale of intrigue and determination.

Tuesday 19th August

1.30pm - Mad Scientists with Gill Arbuthnott

Mad Scientists by Gill Arbuthnott

From hare-brained schemes to downright dangerous experiments, this whirlwind tour with Gill Arbuthnott will reveal some of the most astounding discoveries in modern science. Just be careful – she’ll be looking for volunteer guinea pigs to experiment on in this highly engaging and interactive event!

1.30pm - Jockanory: Scottish Folk Tales

Join Ron Fairweather and Fergus McNicol for a braw brew o’ stories, songs and legends from our bonnie land. There’ll be beasties, monsters and a muckle great giant, so girdle up yer hurdies and come and join in!

Wednesday 20th August

12noon & 3pm - Story Time

Daily storytelling to lift the spirit, engage the senses and spark the imagination. Today: Lari Don.

4.30pm - Maisie with Aileen Paterson

Maisie the kitten is one of Edinburgh’s best-loved creations. Join delightful author and illustrator Aileen Paterson to hear about Maisie’s extraordinary adventures around Scotland and across the world.

Friday 22nd August

3pm - Princess Poppy Party!

Princess Poppy Snowflake

Dress up like a princess for this charming event brimming with games, crafts and fun. Janey Louise Jones will introduce you to Princess Poppy and all her friends from Honeypot Hill, a place where every little girl is a princess in her own special way.

Saturday 23rd August

10am - Witch Baby and Me with Debi Gliori

Lily’s baby sister Daisy is a witch! Now that they’ve moved house, will Daisy’s antics cause mayhem and disaster?Will she turn the neighbours into slugs – or worse?! Join the delightful Debi Gliori for a mad and magical family adventure.

5pm - Carol Ann Duffy

Spend an hour in the company of the wonderful Carol Ann Duffy as she journeys through some of her best prose and poetry with musician John Sampson. From her elegant fairy tale The Princess’ Blankets to her heart-warming fable The Tear Thief, her well-loved words spoken aloud are a real indulgence.

6.30pm - The Nostradamus Prophecy

Theresa Breslin blurs fact, fiction and fate in her latest intricately woven historical thriller, The Nostradamus Prophecy. Join this captivating author as she examines Nostradamus’s catastrophic visions and reveals her own unique readings of these prophecies.

Monday 25th August

6pm - Writing Workshop with Joan Lennon

The Seventh Tide by Joan Lennon

Ever wanted to write a story? Author Joan Lennon leads a hands-on writing workshop which will help you find your inner voice and capture your imagination. Using examples from her recent book, The Seventh Tide, Joan will offer advice and support and bring out the novelist in you.

  • Cover scan of Akimbo And The Baboons
    Akimbo And The Baboons - Alexander McCall Smith - Hardback
    Akimbo loves his life in Africa and the animals that live there. In this story, Akimbo finds out all about baboons, and comes closer than he would like to a much more dangerous animal.
  • Cover scan of First Aid For Fairies And Other Fabled Beasts
    First Aid For Fairies And Other Fabled Beasts - Lari Don - Paperback
    A skilful blend of fable and fiction as Helen embarks on an exciting race through Scotland's diverse landscapes, accompanied by an array of creatures from mythology and folklore.
  • Cover scan of Hamish McHaggis & The Lost Prince
    Hamish McHaggis & The Lost Prince - Linda Strachan - Paperback
    Hamish and his friends have set out to find the lost prince. But who is he and how will they find him?
  • Cover scan of Mad Scientists
    Mad Scientists - Gill Arbuthnott - Paperback
    This book takes a hilarious but informative look at some of science's strangest ideas - and thinkers.