Thursday 26th August

11am - Writing Workshop
Writing for Young Children

Writing for Children by Linda Strachan

Writers' Retreat

Find out how to shape your ideas and make your book fit to be published. With the opportunity to write for different ages and different markets, Linda Strachan, bestselling author of Writing for Children, gives valuable advice on how to avoid the common pitfalls on the road to publication.
In association with the Society of Authors.

11am - Martin Davidson
What Led My Grandfather to be Seduced by Nazism?

Peppers Theatre

All his life, East Lothian-born Martin Davidson has known that his grandfather had Nazi connections, but after fifty years of secrecy and guilt he decided to research the family archives and find out the truth. His discovery, that his ancestor was a loyal SS officer almost certainly involved in the Krystallnacht brutalities against the Jews, led Davidson to question how ordinary people became seduced by Hitler's ideology. He discusses the traumatic story in this event with Kirsty Wark.

12.30pm - Roderick Graham
The Talent and Raging Ambition of Scotland's Greatest Architect

Arbiter of Elegance by Roderick Graham

Peppers Theatre

The work of Robert Adam, one of Scotland's greatest architects, is readily visible in Charlotte Square, the north side being a typically elegant example of his neoclassical 'Adam style'. In a brand new biography, Roderick Graham recounts the story of a man whose style was influenced by a move to Italy and a friendship with Piranesi, but whose thirst for social status led him to seek his fortune in London.

6.45pm - Stuart Brown in Conversation With Alexander McCall Smith
Sampling the Flavours of the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Mma Ramotswe's Cookbook by Stuart Brown

Peppers Theatre

Precious Ramotswe, the 'traditionally built' heroine of Alexander McCall Smith's bestselling novels, may be a fictional character, but in Mma Ramotswe's Cookbook she becomes the reader's entry point into the diverse flavours of Botswana. From Persuasive Fruitcake and Rooibos tea to Smoked Mopane Worms and Roast Leg of Springbok, Stuart Brown embarks on a delicious Proustian journey with Alexander McCall Smith.

8.30pm - Simon Crump & Ewan Morrison
Modern Life Isn't So Much Rubbish, As Just A Little Odd

Peppers Theatre

Author of Swung and Ménage, Ewan Morrison has been busy this year collecting stories about people's relationship with and experiences in shopping malls. For Tales from the Mall, Morrison has sewn together anecdotes, myths, jokes and incidents to compile a tapestry of urban living. Simon Crump's Neverland features seventy two standalone yet unifying chapters which present various aspects of Michael Jackson's life. Spookily, the book was completed just four hours before its subject passed away.