Tuesday 24th August

10.15am - Jonathan Bate & Kathleen Jamie
Landscape Plotted and Piece-Fold, Fallow, and Plough

Highland Park Spiegeltent

Kathleen Jamie, whose poetry is alive with the rhythms of the natural world, lyrical, playful and subtle, will share a stage and conversation across genre with literary scholar Jonathan Bate, whose The Song of the Earth was described as 'the first ecological reading of English literature'. Flora, fauna, poetry and prose in one sublime sitting. Free coffee, sponsored by the Bookshop Café.
In association with the Scottish Poetry Library.

11am - Allan Massie
The Story of the Stuarts: The Most Influential Scottish Family of All

The Royal Stuarts by Allan Massie

Peppers Theatre

The Royal Stuarts were at the centre of some of the greatest political dramas in British history. For more than 300 years they ruled over Scotland and for a century were the Royal Family of Britain, with Mary Queen of Scots, Charles I and Bonnie Prince Charlie among the many players in an astonishing family saga. Renowned Scottish author Allan Massie presents a new and intriguing history of this singular dynasty.

11am - Writing Workshop
The Past is a Foreign Country: Writing History and Biography

Writers' Retreat

Widely-published historian and biographer Angus Konstam, author of Blackbeard, Sovereigns of the Sea, There was a Soldier and Naval Miscellany, outlines the practical tools and techniques you need to successfully research, structure and write historical non-fiction and biography. This practical workshop will benefit both published and aspiring non-fiction writers alike.
In association with the Society of Authors.

1.30pm - Elaine C Smith
Popular Actress and Passionate Activist Reflects upon her Showbiz Life

Nothing Like a Dame by Elaine C Smith

RBS Main Theatre

Whether known as a Scottish panto legend, Rab C Nesbitt's world-weary wife or upfront member of the Calendar Girls tour, Elaine C Smith is one of the most recognised and respected women in this country's theatre and comedy circles. Her memoir's title, Nothing Like a Dame, hints at her Christmas stage work and her reputation as an outspoken public figure.

2pm - Dairmid Gunn
Essays on Nationalism and Literature by Neil M Gunn

Butcher's Broom by Neil M Gunn

ScottishPower Studio Theatre

Although he died in 1973, the influence of Neil M Gunn on Scottish literature has continued to grow. Although he was perhaps best known for novels such as The Silver Darlings and Butcher's Broom, Gunn was also passionately political and was particularly interested in nationalism, internationalism and the Scottish Literary Renaissance. This year Dairmid Gunn, his nephew, has collated some of Gunn's finest essays under the title of Belief in Ourselves and we are thrilled that he will join us to discuss his uncle's ideas.

4.30pm - Beatrice Colin & Ronald Frame
How Art and Love can Sometimes Conquer All

Unwritten Secrets by Ronald Frame

Writers' Retreat

It's 1916 New York, with war, jazz and new money providing the colourful backdrop to Beatrice Colin's The Songwriter, a melodious tale of political exiles, fashion models and song-pluggers. Meanwhile, in a much later part of the 20th century, Ronald Frame's Unwritten Secrets explores Vienna, opera and the consequences of putting art above all else.

6pm - Craig Russell
Digging into Glasgow's Past for a new Noir Hero

The Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russell

Writers' Retreat

Former police officer and ad copywriter Craig Russell already has one series of books to his name with Hamburg cop Jan Fabel having encountered villains such as the Angel of St Pauli and the Carnival Cannibal. Now he dips back into 1950s Glasgow with his neo-noir Lennox novels, featuring a private investigator hell-bent on defeating the city's crime lords.

6.45pm - Jenny Colgan
Scottish Chick Lit Queen Injects us with Summer Lovin'

The Good, The Bad and the Dumped by Jenny Colgan

Peppers' Theatre

The Jenny Colgan brand shows no sign of waning and with The Good, The Bad and The Dumped she looks to have another hit on her hands. The book asks a perennial question: what would you do if you've let Mr Right escape your grasp? Let him go, assuming that what's for you won't go past you? Or get onto Facebook right this minute and track him hungrily down?

8pm - Alexander McCall Smith in Conversation with Andrew Sachs
The Beloved Author Discusses his Work with a Legendary British Actor

Corduroy Mansions by Alexander McCall Smith

RBS Main Theatre

favourite at the Festival, Alexander McCall Smith returns in an entertaining discussion about his work. In this event he takes a tour of his bestselling novels and their characters with renowned actor Andrew Sachs, who voiced the highly successful audiobook edition of Corduroy Mansions.

8.30pm - Anne Donovan, Kirstin Innes & Allan Radcliffe
Exclusive Short Stories by Leading Writers

ScottishPower Studio Theatre

Can we gain deep insights into ourselves and our home by writing about somewhere else? Perhaps we can only write about 'elsewhere' if we know something about the place we've started from. This idea is tested in a series of short stories by leading international writers and specially commissioned by the Book Festival. Join three authors to hear them discuss tales set in Italy, Serbia and America. Chaired by Jenny Brown.