EIBF - Friday 26th August

11am - Martin MacIntyre & Ron Butlin
Edinburgh's Makar Joins Gaelic Novelist

All Martin MacIntyre's previous works of fiction have been recognised in the Saltire Society Awards. In Air A Thoir (In Pursuit), his third novel, love, loss and trauma are carefully laid bare through the complex intertwining of the lives and emotions of Aonghas and Monika – between Scotland and Poland. MacIntyre shares the stage in this event with Edinburgh's Makar, the acclaimed novelist, short story writer, poet and librettist, Ron Butlin. This event will be in Gaelic and English.

11am - Writing Workshop
Making It as a Children's Writer

Linda Strachan has achieved great success with her books for young children, most notably her Hamish McHaggis series, her books for teens, most recently Spider, and the remarkably insightful Writing for Children. In this workshop, she shares her experience to help you develop your career as a children's author. Sold Out

11.30am - Janice Galloway
A Memoir of Teenage Ayrshire Years

After her first volume of autobiography, the ironically titled This is Not About Me, Galloway moves on to her teenage years with All Made Up. Through descriptions of puberty, sex and schoolroom politics, she directs her lucid and penetrating prose onto the morals and ambitions of a small Ayrshire town. When she entered secondary school, she was still sharing a bed with her mum and was more excited by Latin than boys, but soon almost everything she thought she knew began to change. Chaired by Ruth Wishart.

3.30pm - Alistair Moffat
Unraveling Scotland's DNA

Where do Scottish people come from? That's the question posed in The Scots: A Genetic Journey. Moffat, a popular historian and highly-respected cultural impresario, draws on data provided by geneticist James Wilson and throws in a healthy dollop of history, archaeology and culture to produce a map of Scotland's DNA that proves we are a nation of immigrants. Join him to discover some surprising truths about our ancestors and their origins. Sold Out.

4.30pm - The Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Awards
Meet the Winners of the Prestigious Scottish Literary Award

The Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Awards (formerly the Scottish Arts Council Book Awards) have been key to the promotion of Scottish literary talent. Past winners include Ali Smith, Kathleen Jamie, James Robertson and William Dalrymple. In today's exciting event, four winners in their individual categories discuss their winning books, and discover who has won the prestigious Book of the Year award, worth £20,000. Join this year's category winners Leila Aboulelah (fiction), Stewart Conn (poetry), Jackie Kay (non-fiction) and Sue Peebles (debut).

6.30pm - Naill Ferguson
The End of Times?

Are we living through the dying embers of Western ascendancy? For Scottish historian and broadcaster Niall Ferguson, the 'killer applications' test is the best way to measure our status with the rest of the world. So, how are we doing when it comes to science, democracy, medicine, consumerism and the work ethic? Not so well, he reckons. Civilization takes us on an extraordinary journey from Nanjing to Namibia, for a story of sailboats, missiles, vaccines, blue jeans and Chinese bibles. Chaired by Iain Macwhirter. Sold Out

6.45pm - Alex Gray & Stuart MacBride
Scottish Crime Gets a Shot in the Arm

Two of our rising crime authors cement their reputations with more no-nonsense stories. Gray's Sleep Like the Dead is another DCI Lorimer tale, featuring a man on the run to Spain, leaving behind a sister in Glasgow who needs to keep looking over her shoulder as the baddies zone in. MacBride returns to Aberdeen and DS Logan McRae for Shatter the Bones where a mother and daughter singing duo are about to become household names when they are kidnapped. Sold Out

7pm - Alan Bissett & Doug Johnstone
Fighting Talk

Two of Scotland's bright young literary bucks lock horns in a special event. Alan Bissett's Pack Men is surely the first novel to be written about the Manchester riots at the 2008 UEFA Cup Final, as old friends gather up to face the unfolding violence and their own personal tensions. Doug Johnstone's Smokeheads tells the story of a quite different male gathering; this time a quartet of ex-university mates head to Islay for a weekend of whisky which goes horribly, violently wrong.

A busy day for Scottish authors and books! A bilingual event from Martin MacIntyre and Ron Butlin starts the day, followed by a workshop from Linda Strachan. Janice Galloway discusses her second volume of memoirs, while Alistair Moffat explores the genetic history of Scotland. At 4.30pm the overall winner of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Book Award will be announced.
Niall Fergusson discusses the decline of Western power at 6.30pm, and Alex Gray and Stuart MacBride share a stage. Later Alan Bissett and Doug Johnstone will appear together, at 7pm.