EIBF - Saturday 27th August

4pm - James Yorkston With Ian Rankin
On The Road With A Scottish Folk Hero

The diaries of the Fife singer James Yorkston offer a mix of deadpan humour and wide-eyed wonder. It’s Lovely to be Here is a behind-the-scenes account of the music world seen through the eyes of a singer-songwriter where the realities of life and a place amid the Fence Collective come into direct conflict with the manic bustle of 21st century Britain. Yorkston shares his stories with one of the biggest Fence fans of all; bestselling crime writer Ian Rankin. Sold Out

6.45pm - Denise Mina
Two Deaths Connected by a Hanging Rope

When a notorious millionaire banker hangs himself his death attracts little sympathy. Meanwhile, a young woman is found savagely murdered in her home. When the heavily pregnant DS Alex Morrow is called in to investigate, she discovers a tangled web that spirals through the local community and ultimately right back to a swinging rope hundreds of miles away. The End of the Wasp Season confirms Mina’s place among the cream of Scotland’s crime-writing crop.

Not a particularly Scottish day at the Book Festival. Ian Rankin shares a stage with folk singer James Yorkston, and Denise Mina discusses her latest crime novel. Debi Gliori will be reading at an Amnesty International event at 5.70pm.