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  • Interview with Patience Agbabi

    Friday 18 April 2008

    Roddy Lumsden interviews poet Patiance Agbabi about her latest collection, Bloodshot Monochrome

  • Trawling Reviewed by Roddy Lumsden

    Thursday 03 April 2008

    Trawling is recommended not only to Aberdonians or those with an interest in the sea but to a more general reader, says Roddy Lumsden

March 2008

February 2008

  • Review of Doh Ray Me, When Ah Wis Wee

    Wednesday 20 February 2008

    "An excellent addition to Scotland's social history library" Says Roddy Lumsden in his review of Doh Ray Me, When Ah Wis We

  • Lemmings Don't Leap - Reviewed by Roddy Lumsden

    Friday 01 February 2008

    Roddy Lumsden enjoys Edwin Moore's debunking of modern myths. What you thought you knew probably isn't true, but Edwin Moore does know how to write an entertaining book

January 2008

  • HappenStance and StAnza

    Friday 18 January 2008

    Roddy Lumsden reviews Gergory Leadbetter's new poetry pamphlet from HappenStance, and previews the 2008 StAnza poetry festival

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  • Selected Poems of Robert Fergusson Review

    Monday 18 June 2007

    A new collection of Selected Poems from Robert Fergusson, one of 18th century Scotland's best poets.

  • Roddy's Crossword Memories

    Monday 04 June 2007

    Images of a young Roddy Lumsden, Pot Noodle in one hand and pen in the other, in this review of the new Chamber's Everyman Crosswords

May 2007

  • Interviewing The Paris Review Interviews

    Friday 11 May 2007

    The biggest 'little magazine' in history, according to Time Magazine. Roddy Lumsden casts his eye over Canongate's collection from The Paris Review Interviews

  • Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson

    Tuesday 01 May 2007

    Roddy Lumsden asks what to include and what to leave out of a biography while reviewing John Cairney's The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson

April 2007

  • Anthology Review: Poems United

    Thursday 12 April 2007

    Roddy Lumsden emails us from the USA to review Poems United, a poetry anthology from all the countries of the Commonwealth

  • Dae Ye Ken? Review

    Tuesday 03 April 2007

    Dae ye ken yer oxter fae yer bahookie? Roddy Lumsden discovers some new Scots words while reviewing Vicki Guasden's 'Dae Ye Ken?'

March 2007

  • Wild Scotland Review

    Monday 19 March 2007

    Plenty to amuse ramblers of the Scottish wilds in James McCarthy's recently revised "Wild Scotland"

  • Roddy Lumsden Reviews Kidnapped

    Thursday 15 March 2007

    Roddy Lumsden reports on the five different editions of Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel recently promoted by Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature.

February 2007

  • 100 Favourite Scottish Poems... Or Are They?

    Wednesday 21 February 2007

    A tie-in between a Radio Scotland survey, publisher Luath Press, and editor Stewart Conn, 100 Favourite Scottish poems is a bit of a mixed bag.

  • Bukowski's Crazy Life

    Monday 12 February 2007

    Canongate have recently published a new edition of Howard Soune's biography of Charles Bukowski, which Roddy Lumsden reviews for

  • Roddy Lumsden Reviews: Fakers, Forgers & Phoneys

    Monday 05 February 2007

    A fine addition to the literature on notorious scams and hoaxes, says Roddy Lumsden in his review of the late Magnus Magnusson's Fakers, Forgers and Phoneys.

January 2007

December 2006

  • Big Noise Review

    Friday 29 December 2006

    Get hold of Big Noise, have a laugh, have a grouch and enjoy the rollercoaster ride, complete with interesting barstool reminiscences and some top rate shaggy dog stories.

  • Glasgow Crime

    Monday 18 December 2006

    Roddy Lumsden reviews three recent Glasgow crime books - Blood on the Streets, Real Hard Cases, and Murder Capital

  • Interview with Laura Hird

    Friday 08 December 2006

    Roddy Lumsden interviews Laura Hird about her latest collection of short stories, Hope, and her forthcoming memoir, Dear Laura.

November 2006

  • Roddy Lumsden's Review of 2006

    Monday 13 November 2006

    Roddy Lumsden revisits some of his favourite books of 2006, and picks out a few more that he never had time to review for

October 2006

  • Roddy Lumsden Reviews 'Villains'

    Monday 30 October 2006

    Another success for the writing team of Reg MacKay and Paul Ferris, says Roddy Lumsden in his review of 'Villains'.

  • Billy Kay's The Scottish World

    Thursday 26 October 2006

    Billy Kay takes a fresh look at the Scottish diaspora in "The Scottish World", reviewed by Roddy Lumsden

  • Andrew Greig: An Overview

    Monday 09 October 2006

    Roddy Lumsden looks back at the poetry and fiction of Andrew Greig, following the publication of his latest poetry collection, This Life, This Life.

September 2006

August 2006

  • Roddy Lumsden Reviews 'Bamboo'

    Thursday 31 August 2006

    In his review of William Boyd's "Bamboo", Roddy Lumsden finds "the virtuoso Boyd spreading his talents nimbly and widely".

  • Review: The Thing That Mattered Most

    Thursday 17 August 2006

    A new collection of poetry for children, The Thing That Mattered Most, is reviewed by Roddy Lumsden

July 2006

  • The Drove Roads of Scotland: Review

    Friday 28 July 2006

    Roddy Lumsden explains the interest in the Drove Roads of Scotland, and ARB Haldane's book on the subject.

  • Muriel Spark: All The Poems

    Wednesday 12 July 2006

    Muriel Spark's poetry collection All The Poems was rereleased earlier this year, and Roddy Lumsden traces the history of her poetry.

  • An Interview with W.N. Herbert

    Friday 07 July 2006

    Roddy Lumsden interviews Dundee-born poet W.N. Herbert about his most recent collection, Bad Shaman Blues

  • Roddy Revisits The Yellow on the Broom

    Tuesday 04 July 2006

    Roddy Lumsden revisits one of his favourite Scottish books, Betsy Whyte's The Yellow on the Broom.

June 2006

May 2006

  • Robin Robertson's Swithering

    Wednesday 24 May 2006

    Robin Robertson has played a crucial role for Scottish writers over the past two decades. Following the publication of Robin's latest poetry collection, Swithering, Roddy Lumsden looks back on his life and work.

  • Review: Scots Language Books

    Monday 22 May 2006

    Roddy Lumsden reviews two recent books on the history of the Scots language, Carl MacDougall's Scots: The Language of the People and Billy Kay's revised Scots: The Mither Tongue

  • Chambers Fact Finder

    Monday 08 May 2006

    Eight out of ten for the new Chambers Fact Finder - and this is from Roddy Lumsden, a man who really knows his trivia.

April 2006

March 2006

  • Chambers Clich├ęs and How to Avoid Them

    Wednesday 22 March 2006

    Without further ado, Roddy Lumsden rolls up his sleaves and refuses to judge Chambers Cliches and How To Avoid Them by its cover.

  • The Book of St Andrews: An Anthology

    Monday 13 March 2006

    Roddy Lumsden features The Book of St Andrews, a literary anthology compiled by Robert Crawford.

  • Islands Galore

    Thursday 02 March 2006

    Writer-in-residence Roddy Lumsden hunts for trivia amongst the pages of Islands Galore by Jim Dow.

February 2006

  • Blethertoun Braes and other Scots Children's Books

    Monday 27 February 2006

    Roddy Lumsden celebrates the publication of Blethertoun Braes, a new collection of Scots poetry for children.

  • Seton Gordon's Scotland - An Anthology

    Monday 13 February 2006

    Roddy Lumsden reviews and highly recommends Hamish Brown's compilation 'Seton Gordon's Scotland - An Anthology'.

  • Footie Shorts

    Friday 03 February 2006

    For fans of the beautiful game, Roddy Lumsden reviews 'Footie Shorts', a fine collection of anecdotes and shaggy dog stories from the world of football.

January 2006

  • Interview with Illustrious Exile author Andrew Lindsay

    Tuesday 24 January 2006

    On the publication of 'Illustrious Exile', a 'what if' novel on Robert Burns' life in the West Indies, Roddy Lumsden interviews author Andrew Lindsay about the challenges of writing believable speculative fiction.

  • I Have Heard You Calling In The Night

    Monday 23 January 2006

    Roddy reviews Thomas Healy's surprising memoir of redemption, I Have Heard You Calling in the Night.

  • The Law Killers: Dundee Crime

    Monday 16 January 2006

    Most of us like to read about crime; Roddy Lumsden prefers true crime, such as The Law Killers by Alexander McGregor.

  • The Broons Annual

    Tuesday 03 January 2006

    'The Broons Annual' is a Scottish tradition. Roddy Lumsden checks out the latest edition, and finds a comforting mix of the old and the new.

December 2005

October 2005

  • James Robertson: Voyage of Intent

    Monday 31 October 2005

    Roddy Lumsden looks at the role of 'writer in residence', and is inspired by James Robertson's work at the Scottish Parliament.

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