Ayrshire Biography, Autobiography & Sport Books

  • Cover scan of Ayr United Miscellany
    Ayr United Miscellany - Duncan Carmichael - Paperback
    Welcome to a world of eccentric happenings in local football. These tales are mad but true. They are local but are sure to contain generic appeal by dint of the fact that such takes could reflect the game's evolution in many localities and is sure to be enjoyed by supporters of any club.
  • Cover scan of Kilmarnock Football Club
    Kilmarnock Football Club - Gordon Allison - Paperback
    Kilmarnock Football Club has a long and eventful history. This book looks at 50 of the club's finest encounters. These include matches from the early days and through the club's most successful era, the 1960s, but also all of the other highs and lows - featuring the triumph of the Scottish Cup win in 1997.
  • Cover scan of Walking Down The Somerset Road
    Walking Down The Somerset Road: The Complete History Of Ayr United - Duncan Carmichael - Paperback
    Founded in 1910 after Parkhouse and Ayr FC amalgamated, Ayr United have become one of the established members of the Scottish football league. This book traces the history, honours and noted ex-players and managers of 'the honest men'.