Dumfries & Galloway Fiction

  • Cover scan of After The Armistice Ball
    After The Armistice Ball - Catriona McPherson - Paperback
    Dandy Gilver is bored to a whimper in the spring of 1922 and a little light snooping seems like harmless fun. Before long though, the puzzle of what really happened to the Duffy diamonds after the Armistice Ball has been swept aside by a sudden, unexpected death in a lonely seaside cottage in Galloway.
  • Cover scan of Cold In The Earth
    Cold In The Earth - Aline Templeton - Paperback
    Death is all around for the people of Galloway when a catastrophic virus devastates the countryside, killing cattle and ruining lives. But the stench of death becomes even stronger when, amidst the smoking pyres, human remains are discovered. For DI Fleming, this is just the beginning.
  • Cover scan of Cradle To Grave
    Cradle To Grave - Aline Templeton - Paperback
    A young woman has been wrongly accused of murder - or is she devious and deadly? When a landslide crushes the cottage she has been living in, she becomes engulfed in events she struggles to understand, and DI Fleming herself is drawn into a nightmare of danger and death.
  • Cover scan of The Darkness And The Deep
    The Darkness And The Deep - Aline Templeton - Paperback
    The wreck of the Knockhaven lifeboat with the loss of all three of its crew is a hard blow for the small Scottish town. But it's harder still when DS Tam MacNee discovers that it isn't simply a tragic accident.
  • Cover scan of Dead In The Water
    Dead In The Water - Aline Templeton - Paperback
    A murdered girl haunts DI Marjory Fleming when she is asked to investigate a cold case, the shameful details of which her father struggled to keep secret. Restless ghosts are brought back to life too when the TV crew of a popular crime series arrives in Galloway bringing excitement and disruption to a small market town.
  • Cover scan of Dreams Of Home
    Dreams Of Home - Gwen Kirkwood - Hardback
    Following the war, Steven Caraford longs to return to Scotland to a farm of his own. Then he meets Megan, his best friend's little sister, and discovers that she has grown into a lovely young woman with admirers who could give her far more than he could. Should he sacrifice his ambition to farm for a far more lucrative career?
  • Cover scan of Five Red Herrings
    Five Red Herrings - Dorothy L. Sayers - Paperback
    Lord Wimsey could imagine the artist stepping back, the stagger, the fall down to where the pointed rocks grinned like teeth. But was it an accident, or murder? Six people did not regret Campbell's death - five were red herrings.
  • Cover scan of Great Dumfries Stories
    Great Dumfries Stories - Giancarlo Rinaldi - Paperback
    This volume contains 20 fascinating stories concerning the Scottish town of Dumfries. Stories include notorious murders, the town at war, haunted Dumfries, famous Doonhamers, and a story of the town's shops.
  • Cover scan of Guy Mannering
    Guy Mannering - Sir Walter Scott - Paperback
    Guy Mannering believes in the ability of patriarchal power and social position to sort out social confusion, but has to learn the limits of authority in a society that is no longer a single hierarchy. Scott's second novel, it was first published in 1815.
  • Cover scan of The Highwayman's Curse
    The Highwayman's Curse - Nicola Morgan - Paperback
    On the run from the redcoats, the two young highwaymen, Will and Bess, find themselves in Galloway, Scotland, blamed for a murder they did not commit. Here they are captured by smugglers and become embroiled in a story of hatred and revenge that goes back for generations, to the days of the Killing Times.
  • Cover scan of Huntingtower
    Huntingtower - John Buchan - Paperback
    Dickson McCunn, a newly retired grocer of romantic heart, plans a walking holiday in south-west Scotland. He meets a young English poet and, contrary to his better sense, finds himself involved in the kidnapping of a Russian princess, who is held prisoner in the rambling mansion, Huntingtower.
  • Cover scan of Lamb To The Slaughter
    Lamb To The Slaughter - Aline Templeton - Paperback
    A sunny evening, a tranquil garden - and an old man brutally gunned down on his doorstep. When a second victim is killed, DI Fleming will not accept that the crimes are motiveless.
  • Cover scan of The Lantern Bearers
    The Lantern Bearers: A Novel - Ronald Frame - Paperback
    This novel is based around observed flashbacks about the oppressive youth of a homosexual musician in Edinburgh. Frame is a distinguished novelist and playwright and his television work has, among other awards, won the Samuel Beckett Prize
  • Cover scan of Lying Dead
    Lying Dead - Aline Templeton - Paperback
    DI Marjory Fleming thrives on the adrenalin and tension that come with heading a major crime investigation. With the discovery of not one, but two murdered corpses on her patch, she's about to feel the pressure like never before.
  • Cover scan of Ostrich Boys
    Ostrich Boys - Keith Gray - Paperback
    Kenny, Sim and Blake are about to embark on a remarkable journey of friendship. Stealing the urn containing the ashes of their best friend Ross, they set out from Cleethorpes on the east coast to travel the 261 miles to the tiny hamlet of Ross in Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Cover scan of The Thirty-Nine Steps
    The Thirty-Nine Steps - John Buchan - Paperback
    Richard Hannay's ennui comes to an abrupt end when a murder is committed in his flat. Only a few days before the dead man had revealed to him an assassination plot which would have terrible consequences for international peace.
  • Cover scan of Three Men In A Minor
    Three Men In A Minor - D. E. Harker - Paperback
    Three stressed out 30-somethings - an architect, fund manager and school teacher - head to Galloway in a vintage Morris Minor, in an attempt to recapture the innocent pleasures of their boyhood friendship.
  • Cover scan of Where The Whaups Are Crying
    Where The Whaups Are Crying: A Dumfries And Galloway Anthology - Paperback
    This anthology of Scottish writers and writing includes work by John Buchan, Walter Scott, Thomas Carlyle, James Boswell, Daniel Defoe, John Welsley, J.M. Barrie and John Keats. Also included are a range of anecdotes and non fiction concerning the area.