Biography and Autobiographies from Edinburgh

  • Cover scan of Capital Caricatures
    Capital Caricatures: A John Kay Collection
    John Kay - Hardback - Birlinn
    John Kay was an etcher in 18th century Edinburgh who recorded the living face of the city in hundreds of portraits. The etchings published here and accompanying text bring alive the Edinburgh of the period.
  • Cover scan of Darwin In Scotland
    Darwin In Scotland: Edinburgh, Evolution And Enlightenment
    J. F. Derry - Paperback - Whittles
    This title on Darwin and Darwinism focuses on his time spent in Scotland and the key contributions to his future insights made by the Scottish Enlightenment and the University of Edinburgh.
  • Cover scan of Edinbuggers V Weegies (and Vice Versa!)
    Edinbuggers V Weegies (and Vice Versa!)
    Ian Black - Paperback - Black & White
    Ian Black has collected the jokes, the songs and the stories of why citizens from Edinburgh and Glasgow are rivals.
  • Cover scan of Love Hurts
    Love Hurts: The True Story Of A Life Destroyed
    Jeff Randall - Paperback - Mainstream
    This brutally honest book charts the life of a boy who just wanted to be loved but when love eventually came he was too damaged to recognize it. Only by confronting the nightmare of his childhood and coming to terms with his past has he been able to stop his downward spiral.
  • Cover scan of Piazzi Smyth & The One O'clock Gun
    Piazzi Smyth & The One O'clock Gun
    George Robinson - Paperback - George Robinson
    In Victorian times a cable over 4,000 feet long hung in the air over Edinburgh's Waverley Station. The cable connected the master clock at Calton Hill observatory to the clock next to Edinburgh Castle's One o'clock Gun. This book tells the story of the scientific genius who set up Edinburgh's famous time gun.
  • Cover scan of Queen Victoria's Skull
    Queen Victoria's Skull
    David Stack - Hardback - Hambledon Continuum
    'Queen Victoria's Skull' explores the life and thinking of the Edinburgh phrenologist George Combe. By tracing the development of Combe's intellectual interests it provides a prism through which to view Victorian culture, science and politics, covering themes of class, religion, sex, crime, art and the theatre.
  • Cover scan of Rainbow City
    Rainbow City: Stories From Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Edinburgh
    Ellen Galford; Ken Wilson - Paperback - Word Power
    Within the span of a single generation, the lives of many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Edinburgh have been transformed. This is a collecion of reminiscences from more than 150 people from the LGBT community who created the 'Remember When' project.
  • Cover scan of She Was Aye Workin'
    She Was Aye Workin': Memories Of Tenement Women In Edinburgh And Glasgow
    Helen Clark; Elizabeth Carnegie - Paperback - White Cockade
    This book explores the hidden lives of the women who held families together and made ends meet in Scotland's crowded urban tenements.
  • Cover scan of Tenterfield
    Tenterfield: My Happy Childhood In Care
    Margaret Irvine - Paperback - Fledgling
    A simple and personal account of a child taken into local council care at the age of two years old, 'Tenterfield' is Margaret Irvine's story of growing up happily and usefully.
  • Cover scan of We Could Possibly Comment
    We Could Possibly Comment: Ian Richardson Remembered
    Sharon Mail - Paperback - Matador
    This text paints a portrait of an actor hugely admired and respected as a consummate, highly gifted performer, but also of the most generous-hearted of men, who was deeply loved and revered by those who worked with him and followed his career.