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  • Cover scan of Eighteen Couper Street
    Eighteen Couper Street - Millie Gray - Paperback
    Anna Campbell's life is dedicated to raising her six foster children. A pillar of the community, her door at 18 Couper Street is always open, for advice, treatment for all sorts of ailments or for a cup of tea and a chat. But despite caring for those around her, she is soon embroiled in family problems.
  • Cover scan of Rule 34
    Rule 34 - Charles Stross - Paperback
    But that's OK, because as a distraction, you're project manager of a sophisticated criminal operation. But who's killing off potential recruits? So how do bizarre domestic fatalities, dodgy downloads and a European spamming network fit together? The more
  • Cover scan of Skagboys
    Skagboys - Irvine Welsh - Hardback
    Mark Renton has it all, but there's no room for him in the 1980s. Thatcher's government is destroying working-class communities across Britian, and the post-war certainties of full employment, educational opportunity and a welfare state are gone. When his family starts to fracture, the only way out is heroin.
  • Cover scan of The Missing Shade Of Blue
    The Missing Shade Of Blue - Jennie Erdal - Paperback
    When translator Edgar Logan arrives from his home in Paris to work in Edinburgh he anticipates a period of enlightenment and calm. But with a chance meeting with the philosopher Harry Sanderson and his captivating artist wife, Edgar's meticulously circumscribed life is suddenly propelled into drama and crisis.
  • Cover scan of Trackman
    Trackman - Catriona Child - Paperback
    Set in Edinburgh, this novel follows the quiet life of Davie Watts who struggles to cope with the death of his brother. Falling deeper into mental illness, Davie's life takes a sharp turn when a unique MP3 player takes him on a fantastical journey through depression, guilt, music and hope.
  • Cover scan of Primrose Square
    Primrose Square - Anne Douglas - Hardback
    Edinburgh, 1913. When intelligent, ambitious Elinor Rae leaves her crowded tenement family home to become a maid in an exclusive ladies' club in the idyllic Primrose Square, she doesn't look back. Then a chance meeting with, and subsequent attraction to, the handsome, charming Barry Howat turns her life upside down.
  • Cover scan of In Pursuit Of Eliza Cynster
    In Pursuit Of Eliza Cynster - Stephanie Laurens - Paperback
    Kidnapped from her sister's engagement ball, Eliza Cynster is spirited north from London to Edinburgh. Desperate to escape, she seizes upon the first possible champion - gentleman scholar Jeremy Carling. But danger lurks in their race to elude the mysterious laird, until a final confrontation reveals what their future life could hold.
  • Cover scan of Rule 34
    Rule 34 - Charles Stross - Paperback
    A cutting edge cyber-thriller, set fifteen minutes in the future, from the award-winning author of 'Halting State'.
  • Cover scan of Crystal's Song
    Crystal's Song - Millie Gray - Paperback
    The Glass family is struggling to make ends meet. With father Tam taken captive by the Germans, his wife Dinah and his children are left to fear the worst. While Dinah seeks comfort in the arms of various soldiers, the children, including headstrong Crystal, fear for their father's and their own safety.
  • Cover scan of The Restoration Game
    The Restoration Game - Ken MacLeod - Paperback
    There is no such place as Krassnia. Lucy Stone should know - she was born there. In that tiny, troubled region of the former Soviet Union, revolution is brewing. Its organisers need a safe place to meet, and where better than the virtual spaces of an online game?
There were 38 books found.
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