Highland Culture Books

Including Music, Song, Folklore, and Sports Books from the Highlands of Scotland

  • Cover scan of Camanachd!
    Camanachd!: The Story Of Shinty - Roger Hutchinson - Paperback
    Introduced to the north-west of Scotland some 1500 years ago, the game of shinty has been part of Highland life ever since. This book traces the origins and history of the sport, right up to the 'modern' era of sponsorship, national press attention and TV coverage.
  • Cover scan of Confessions Of A Highland Hero
    Confessions Of A Highland Hero - Steve Paterson - Paperback
    Set for fame & stardom with Manchester United in the 1970s, Steve Paterson descended into a world of gambling & alcohol addiction. Despite all this he became a successful football manager, before succumbing to his demons once again. In November 2008 he turned his life around & is now working as a social worker. This is his story.
  • Cover scan of Fingal's Cave, The Poems Of Ossian, And Celtic Christianity
    Fingal's Cave, The Poems Of Ossian, And Celtic Christianity - Paul Marshall Allen; Joan de Ris Allen - Hardback
    Fingal's Cave has long been a source of mystery, spiritual insight and artistic inspiration. Paul and Joan Allen explore the meaning of Fingal's initiation rite, the development of Celtic culture and customs and its influence into modern times.
  • Cover scan of Meditations From The Iona Community
    Meditations From The Iona Community - Ian Reid - Paperback
    As a contribution towards the marking of its sixtieth anniversary in 1998, the Community has decided to publish a collection of meditations by one of its former leaders, Ian Reid.
  • Cover scan of Ross County
    Ross County: From Highland League To Hampden - Frank Gilfeather - Hardback
    Frank Gilfeather charts Ross County's Scottish Cup run of 2009-10, an inspiring account of one of the minnows of Scottish football overcoming the odds in their chase for glory at Hampden Park. Gilfeather also traces the fans' experiences, gathering photographs and anecdotes from the Ross County faithful.
  • Cover scan of Tales Of Loch Ness
    Tales Of Loch Ness - Stuart McHardy - Paperback
    Nessie is certainly the most famous myth surrounding Loch Ness but she is not the only one. Find out more about this magical place with stories, myths and legends to delight and entertain.
  • Cover scan of Winter Barley
    Winter Barley - George Gunn - Paperback
    'Winter Barley' is a collection of poetry by Caithness poet, George Dunn, including 'Rune Stations', 'Seeking Angels', 'The Key', 'Hill Burning', and 'Monkey Ode'.