Fiction from the Highlands of Scotland

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  • Cover scan of The Deadman's Pedal
    The Deadman's Pedal - Alan Warner - Hardback
    It is the early 1970s and for 16-year-old Simon Crimmons there's really not much to do in the Highlands of Scotland. The only local drama and romance is the West Highland Line, so Simon joins up as a train driver. But that summer he is introduced to a world far more glamorous and strange than the railways can provide.
  • Cover scan of Black Tide
    Black Tide - Caroline Clough - Paperback
    Toby's dad and little sister have been kidnapped by pirates, and Toby is left alone in the aftermath of the terrible Red Fever epidemic which has wiped out much of the world's population. Toby must journey across post-apocalyptic Scotland to find his family.
  • Cover scan of Highland Storms
    Highland Storms - Christina Courtenay - Paperback
    Betrayed by his brother and his childhood love, Brice Kinross needs a fresh start. So he welcomes the opportunity to leave Sweden for the Scottish Highlands to take over the family estate. But there's trouble afoot at Rosyth in 1754 and Brice finds himself unwelcome.
  • Cover scan of Watch Over Me
    Watch Over Me - Daniela Sacerdoti - Paperback
    An ethereal tale narrated from several different perspectives, 'Watch Over Me' is a poignant yet subtle story about letting go and moving on - with a little bit of help from beyond the grave.
  • Cover scan of The Haunted
    The Haunted - Niki Valentine - Paperback
    Arriving in the Scottish Highlands, Martin and Sue decide to escape their luxury hotel, heading out for a night of back-to-basics living in an abandoned shack. When a storm strikes, they find themselves stranded in the simple hut, miles from anywhere and completely isolated.
  • Cover scan of Across The Bridge
    Across The Bridge - Morag Joss - Paperback
    When a bridge collapses in the Highlands of Scotland, dozens of people vanish into the river below. A car hired by a woman tourist was filmed pulling onto the bridge moments before it fell. Now numbered among the missing, the woman seized her chance to start her life over.
  • Cover scan of Site Works
    Site Works - Robert Davidson - Paperback
    On a wind lashed coast in the far north a group of men assemble on a construction site. On it they will toil through the daylight hours into the night, endure hardship and conflict, somehow survive. Within the compound a temporary world will form. 'Site Works' tells the story of the men and their work.
  • Cover scan of Teas
    Teas - Maoilios M. Caimbeul - Paperback
    A dramatic and thrilling crime novel set in Inverness in the 1980s. Iain Murdo MacLeod's world is shattered when his girlfriend is found dead in suspicious circumstances.
  • Cover scan of The Long Staff
    The Long Staff - Clare Wilson - Paperback
    A young boy Tom goes to his grandfather's home in the village of Cairn Holme to spend his summer holidays. Staying in the small village deep in the Scottish Highlands his grandfather reveals to him that he is the bearer of a magical staff.
  • Cover scan of Rocking Horse War
    Rocking Horse War - Lari Don - Paperback
    The triplets have disappeared. The only clues left behind are an open window, three missing rocking horses and some strange hoofprint-shaped marks on the lawn. Older sister Pearl sets out to find them. She meets Thomas, a snooty young aristocrat
There were 30 books found.
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