Orkney History

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  • Cover scan of Nightmare At Scapa Flow
    Nightmare At Scapa Flow: The Truth About The Sinking Of HMS Royal Oak - H. J. Weaver - Paperback
    The sinking of the battleship HMS Royal Oak in the Royal Navy's home anchorage was Germany's first shattering blow against Britain in World War Two. This book is the definitive account of one of Britain's worst naval disasters.
  • Cover scan of The Grand Scuttle
    The Grand Scuttle: The Sinking Of The German Fleet At Scapa Flow In 1919 - Dan Van der Vat - Paperback
    The scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow has beome folk legend in both Germany and Britain. This book retells the story, with contemporary photographs and eye-witness accounts, and an interesting new perspective.
  • Cover scan of Orkney
    Orkney - H. N. Firth - Hardback
    This work brings together many aspects of Orkney, looking afresh at a variety of traditional topicsand bringing to the fore many new developments. Picts and Vikings, shipwrecks and sea monsters, all are reassessed in a readable way.
  • Cover scan of And On This Rock
    And On This Rock: The Italian Chapel, Orkney - Donald S. Murray - Paperback
    The Italian Chapel is one of the most visited tourist destinations on Orkney and a potent reminder of the part the islands played in the Second World War. This title is a poignant and imaginative homage to the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Cover scan of The History Of Orkney Literature
    The History Of Orkney Literature - Simon Hall - Paperback
    This is the first full survey of literary writing from and about the Orkney Islands. Including writers such as Walter Traill Dennison, Edwin Muir, Eric Linklater, Robert Rendall and George Mackay Brown, it charts the development of this distinctly Orcadian strand within Scottish literature.
  • Cover scan of Orkney's Italian Chapel
    Orkney's Italian Chapel: The True Story Of An Icon - Philip Paris - Hardback
    The author traces the history of an Italianate chapel built on the island of Orkney by Italian prisoners of war.
  • Cover scan of An Unfolding Gift
    An Unfolding Gift: The Pier Arts Centre Collection - Hardback
    The Pier Arts Centre in Orkney was established in 1978 to house a superlative collection that charts the development of British modernism, gathered by author, peace activist and philanthropist Margaret Gardiner. This catalogue illustrates every work in the collection.
  • Cover scan of Pentland Hero
    Pentland Hero - Roy Pedersen - Paperback
    Just before Christmas 2008, a brand new futuristic super efficient catamaran ferry arrived in Orkney. Her like had never been seen before in Scotland. She was Pentalina, flagship of Pentland Ferries, a newly established private company. This is an inspiring story of one man's resilience against political corruption and complacency.
  • Cover scan of Orkney Spirit
    Orkney Spirit - Liz Ashworth - Paperback
    This publication combines the art of Selena Kuzman with Liz's stories of Orkney people and food descriptions to give readers a taste of the islands.
  • Cover scan of Scapa Flow
    Scapa Flow: The Defences Of Britain's Great Fleet Anchorage, 1914-45 - Angus Konstam - Paperback
    This text recounts the war history of Scapa Flow, a strategically important natural harbour in the Orkney Islands, which served as Britain's main fleet anchorage during World Wars I and II.
There were 22 books found.
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