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  • Cover scan of A Late Iron Age Farmstead In The Outer Hebrides
    A Late Iron Age Farmstead In The Outer Hebrides: Excavations At Mound 1, Bornais, South Uist - Hardback
    The settlement at Bornais consists of a complex of mounds which protrude from the machair plain on the island of South Uist. The excavation of the settlement is a long-term project which has been going since 1994. This volume examines mound 1, thought to have been occupied from the late Bronze Age.
  • Cover scan of Halcyon In The Hebrides
    Halcyon In The Hebrides - Robert Orrell - Paperback
    This is a vivid and entertaining story about the author's single-handed exploration of the islands and lochs of Western Scotland.
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    From Machair To Mountains: Archaeological Survey And Excavation In South Uist - Michael Parker Pearson - Hardback
    This text presents the results of three large scale archaeological excavations of settlements on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides.
  • Cover scan of Sùlaisgeir
    Sùlaisgeir - James MacGeoch - Hbk. + CD
    In the 1950s James MacGeoch stayed several times on the gannet colony of Sùlaisgeir with the men of Ness in Lewis. His black and white photographs are an historic portfolio of these times.
  • Cover scan of The Prisoner Of St Kilda
    The Prisoner Of St Kilda: The True Story Of The Unfortunate Lady Grange - Margaret Macaulay - Paperback
    More than a history of scandal and infamy, 'The Prisoner of St Kilda' gives a balanced account of Lord and Lady Grange, their flaws and strengths, and the role played by the powerful men who saw the unpredictable Lady Grange as a threat.
  • Cover scan of Destination St. Kilda
    Destination St. Kilda: From Oban To Skye And The Outer Hebrides - Mark Butterworth - Hardback
    67 rarely seen Magic Lantern hand coloured glass slides from the 1880s depicting scenes from Oban to St. Kilda. The book includes the original lecture notes and additional material by Mark Butterworth.
  • Cover scan of When I Heard The Bell
    When I Heard The Bell: The Loss Of The Iolaire - John Macleod - Paperback
    John MacLeod tells the story of the Iolaire, the astonishing commitment of the people of Lewis to the war against the Kaiser, its sickening end, and the way of life the disaster effectively destroyed - a tipping-point, he argues, in the overthrow of an old human economy which deprived the Isle of Lewis of an entire generation.
  • Cover scan of Mingulay, Pabbay And Berneray
    Mingulay, Pabbay And Berneray: Archaeology And Architecture - Paperback
    The islands of Mingulay, Pabbay and Berneray lie at the very southern tip of the Western Isles archipelago. Combining previous surveys with the results of a new survey project, this booklet is an indispensible guide to the archaeological landscapes and the architectural relics of the three islands.
  • Cover scan of St Kilda
    St Kilda: A Journey To The End Of The World - Campbell McCutcheon - Paperback
    This is the story of St Kilda and the journey to the end of the world, using previously unpublished images of these remotest of islands.
  • Cover scan of Lewis In History And Legend
    Lewis In History And Legend: The West Coast - Bill Lawson - Paperback
    This volume covers the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, from the boundary with Harris in Uig Parish, up to the Butt of Lewis, the most northerly point of the island, and out to the furthest-flung outliers of the island, the Isle of Rona and the rock of Sulisgeir.
There were 31 books found.
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