St Kilda Book List

  • Cover scan of Destination St. Kilda
    Destination St. Kilda: From Oban To Skye And The Outer Hebrides
    Mark Butterworth - Hardback - Islands Book Trust
    67 rarely seen Magic Lantern hand coloured glass slides from the 1880s depicting scenes from Oban to St. Kilda. The book includes the original lecture notes and additional material by Mark Butterworth.
  • Cover scan of Hiort
    Hiort: Far Na Laigh A' Ghrian
    Calum MacFhearghuis - Paperback - Acair
    The author provides a Gaelic version of his work for readers to understand the heritage and culture of this remote settlement off the northwest coast of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Island Of Wings
    Island Of Wings
    Karin Altenberg - Hardback - Quercus
    Lizzie married Neil, a minister of the Church of Scotland, because of his looks, spirit and intent to do good. But, setting out for St Kilda with a man she barely knew, and pregnant with his child, Lizzie had no way of knowing if she was heading for adventure or disaster.
  • Cover scan of Island Of Wings
    Island Of Wings
    Karin Altenberg - Paperback - Quercus
    Exquisitely written and profoundly moving, 'Island of Wings' is more than just an account of a marriage in peril - it is also a richly imagined novel about two people struggling to keep their love, and their family, alive in a place of terrible hardship and tumultuous beauty.
  • Cover scan of Island On The Edge Of The World
    St Kilda: Island on the Edge of the World: The Story Of St Kilda
    Charles Maclean - Paperback - Canongate
    St. Kilda was isolated from the mainstream of civilisation for more than 1000 years. Increased contact with the mainland led to its downfall, and by the 1930s the islanders were finally evacuated. Maclean's is the classic history of the island.
  • Cover scan of The Life And Death Of St Kilda
    The Life And Death Of St Kilda: The Moving Story Of A Vanished Island Community
    Tom Steel - Paperback - HarperPress
    During 1930 the inhabitants of the island of St Kilda were evacuated, their community having succumbed to the ravages resulting from mainland contact. This book tells the story of the people, why they left and what then happened to them.
  • Cover scan of A Natural History Of St Kilda
    Natural History Of St Kilda
    John A. Love - Paperback - Birlinn
    A vast canon of literature has been produced over the years on St Kilda, most of which has focused on the resilient people who have lived there, but before now none have focused on the natural history of the island, nor has such a book been written by a native resident.
  • Cover scan of The Prisoner Of St Kilda
    The Prisoner Of St Kilda: The True Story Of The Unfortunate Lady Grange
    Margaret Macaulay - Paperback - Luath
    More than a history of scandal and infamy, 'The Prisoner of St Kilda' gives a balanced account of Lord and Lady Grange, their flaws and strengths, and the role played by the powerful men who saw the unpredictable Lady Grange as a threat.
  • Cover scan of The Raging Spirit
    The Raging Spirit
    June Gadsby - Hardback - Robert Hale
    For a woman in 1890, travelling to the wild archipelagos of St. Kilda off the north-east coast of Scotland was hazardous, but that was not going to stop Meredith Jolly accompanying her naturalist father on his expedition. But then she meets the renowned Professor Fergus Macaulay and soon has cause to fear him.
  • Cover scan of St Kilda
    St Kilda
    David A. Quine - Paperback - Colin Baxter
    St Kilda, Scotland's first World Heritage Site, is some 50 miles from the nearest land. This absorbing guide paints a vivid picture of the island's landscape and heritage, giving an insight into the history of the people who once lived there.
  • Cover scan of St Kilda
    St Kilda: A Journey To The End Of The World
    Campbell McCutcheon - Paperback - Amberley
    This is the story of St Kilda and the journey to the end of the world, using previously unpublished images of these remotest of islands.
  • Cover scan of St Kilda And The Wider World
    St Kilda And The Wider World: Tales Of An Iconic Island
    Andrew Fleming - Paperback - Windgather
    Fleming retells a fascinating tale, and reveals a wealth of new archaeological discoveries. UNESCO are considering upgrading St Kilda's inscription as World Heritage, on the grounds that its cultural heritage is just as important as it ecology. This books hould influence the debate.
  • Cover scan of St Kildan Heritage
    St Kildan Heritage
    Calum MacFhearghuis - Paperback - Acair
    The author has provided an English translation of his work for readers to understand the heritage and culture of this remote settlement off the northwest coast of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Writing About St Kilda
    Writing About St Kilda: Inventing An Island History
    - Paperback - Islands Book Trust
    In the summer of 2010, the Islands Book Trust held a major conference to mark the 80th anniversary of the evacuation, which looked behind the myths and re-examined some of the conventional wisdom. The results are published here.