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  • Cover scan of Tartan Tragedy

    Tartan Tragedy
    Antonia Fraser - Paperback - Phoenix
    The body of a young man has been found floating in a pool on a remote island in the Scottish Highlands. It just happens to be the island that TV reporter Jemima Shore has rented for a holiday - a holiday that is rapidly falling apart.
  • Cover scan of Veil Of Time

    Veil Of Time
    Claire McDougall - Paperback - Simon & Schuster
    A compelling, romantic tale of two Scotlands - one modern, one ancient - and the woman who parts the magical veil of time between them.
  • Cover scan of We Need To Talk About ... Kevin Bridges

    We Need To Talk About ... Kevin Bridges
    Kevin Bridges - Hardback - Michael Joseph
    Discover the hilarious life-story of one of Britain's best-loved comedians in Kevin Bridges' brilliant memoir.
  • Cover scan of Yikes, Santa-Claws!

    Yikes, Santa-Claws!
    Pamela Butchart - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    It was Christmas Eve and the dino-tots were tucked up in bed dreaming of Christmas magic. But where were the jolly jingle bells? The hearty 'ho, ho, ho'? And who was this green scaly creature stomping through the snow? Yikes, it's Santa-Claws and he's causing chaos. Can anyone stop him and save the day?
  • Cover scan of Young Winstone

    Young Winstone
    Ray Winstone - Hardback - Canongate
    Revisiting the bomb-sites and boozers of his childhood and adolescence, Ray Winstone takes the reader on an unforgettable tour of a cockney heartland which is at once irresistibly mythic and undeniably real. Told with its author's trademark blend of brutal directness and roguish wit, 'Young Winstone' offers a fascinating social history of East London, as well as a school of hard knocks coming-of-age story with a powerful emotional punch.
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    Horace And The Christmas Mystery
    Sally Magnusson - Hardback - Black & White Publishing
    Horace the haggis gets a terrible shock when he visits his friends on Christmas Eve. Every one of them has vanished. Worse, pinned to each house is a note with the single letter V - the personal sign of the most feared gangster in Acre Valley.
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    Knit Your Own Broons
    Jackie Holt - Hardback - Black & White Publishing
    The Broons have been making readers laugh for decades, so what better way to celebrate Scotland's most-loved family than creating miniature woolly versions of your very own! With detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create Maw, Paw, Joe, Hen, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the Twins, the Bairn, and not forgetting Gran'paw, this book is perfect for knitters of all abilities and an ideal gift for fans of Scotland's favourite happy family.
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    Criminal Behaviour
    - Hardback - Freight
    A hilarious collection of anecdotes from police, lawyers and others involved in the justice system. Whether buck naked gun-wielding criminals or clueless cons grassing themselves up on social media, our valiant officers of the law have seen it all in the line of duty.
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    Throne Of Games
    Paul Harrie - Paperback - Freight
    Summer is at an end in the 20 kingdoms and Sir Fergie, King of the House Manc, originally from a terrible northern land beyond the Wall and famous for his devastating use of his favourite torture weapon, the Hairdryer, is finally ailing. He must seek a successor before he dies. He has ruled House Manc for longer than anyone can remember, as far back as the mythical time known as 'the 80s', before even Sky Sports was invented. Step forward trusty lieutenant, Lord Moyes of Evertonia, annointed by Sir Fergie as the 'Chosen One'. The enrages southern usurper, Mourinho, the self-styled 'Special One', who howls from dawn till dusk, vowing eternal revenge, although he later denies this in the media. Will Lord Moyes manage to retain unity amongst the feared but somewhat over-the-hill Knights of Manc?
  • Cover scan of Beauty With A Bomb

    Beauty With A Bomb
    M. C. Grant - Paperback - Midnight Ink
    After witnessing the gruesome death of a young immigrant, Dixie Flynn is on a mission to tell the dead woman's story. Acting on a tip, Dixie learns that the young immigrants are vanishing ... and not into the sex trade.

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